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    Yes, i noticed that too , in protest i have been doing the following , everytime i download a profile i always rate 5 . its a shame people never rate the profiles when they download, so i have been doing this it makes sometime , rate 5 always , until a fair rating system appears !! :pinch:

    Regarding your profiles ! they are always really good ! so big thanks for these herbert sounds !! they are faithfull to the real thing .

    Hi there , i posted today 3 profiles : look at them at the rig exchange , Author : toneskulpt .

    Rocking Balls 1 & 2 are from my ART DST4 pre amp , and i used TWO NOTE TORPEDO for cabinet and poweramp simulation . I used my gibson les paul custom to profile, so its more fit to HB . I looked for distortion old school sounds with caracter , i like them, but taste is dependable , i would like your feedback .

    Biting Blues Lead , is from my womanizer pre amp, into a generic power amp and cabinet and then changed to some Beautifull TILLS Free CAB . i think it fits old school blues with HB .

    Leave your opinions , as i pretend to make some more profiles . and there are always things that can be improved . :thumbup:

    There are plenty of good blues tones :

    I like the ones from Reason SM50 , look at them at the rig exchange .
    Shadows from the Past AKA Poor Man's Vintage Pack Vol.1 , have great old amps sounds .
    Victoria Regal from the rig exchange .
    there are some great ones too from, taf and soundside , it depends of the blues style and guitar and taste .

    I posted today a blues profile , its a class A kind of sound to use with les paul . its called "biting blues lead" (author : toneskulpt )
    I have posted as well a Gary moore sound , Called "Gary moore Lead" (author : toneskulpt )

    just edited thread with contact info. :)

    Hi Miguel ! I saw a video of you of a contest , and you were using the GARY MOORE LEAD (Author: Toneskulpt) , a profile i made of a jmp 1 pre amp, with its settings very acurate of that legendary sound . So if you could mention the profile used and author , with a link to the rig exchange , would be cool , as many kemper users would find it more easilly . Thanks . :thumbup:

    Update to latest firmware, this was a bug kemper were aware of. I haven't had it in this latest firmware so I think it was fixed :)

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    Thanks RAOUL for fast help ! i will update soon to new firmware ! :thumbup:

    Its Third time that happens to me, while browsing profiles , output stopped working, no audio at all . I am using still a previous firmware before the last one .

    can anyone advise ?

    thanks in advance

    Great profiles ! I love that amp! if i wouldnt have the kemper, thats the amp i would choose for me ! Its marvellous with Single coils, but great as well with humbuckers! they turned into my favorites list . Thanks for the work and offering them to the comunity, The Reason its a rare amp to find !

    Cheers man! :thumbup:

    Thank you so much !! lovelly profiles!! And Great photos!! Great AMP!

    Have you tried to profile with Humbuckers? Joe bonamassa used Victoria Amps. Cant remember the model , but maybe it was the regal .

    Cheers and Keep coming such Beautifull Profiles!! Lovelly amps you have there!!


    Ale , well, there must some problem with your monitoring setup . Armin plexis are great and work great with my Les paul custom .

    Edit: I use headphones as well , but its KEMPER SPDIF OUT -» APHEX HEADPOD DAC --» AKG 240DF

    Its the nearest thing similar to a REgular Studio Monitors Listening as the --»

    The K 240 DF follows the criteria specified by the Institute of Radio Technology (IRT) in Munich for a ""diffuse field"" equalization curve that provides headphone listeners with the sound pattern, characteristic of a room with reflective, non-anechoic surfaces. Each K 240 DF is rigorously tested to assure strict adherence to the IRT standards for frequency response, channel separation and sensitivity.

    Hi Dear Kempers Mates who took their precious time to reply and advise, i send my regards and thank you so much .

    After reading carefully all posts and after doing some pragmatic judgement. I dont think getting the ULTRA , I love my Kemper , its easy to to use , and cant see me beating my head to using the Ultra complex editors , even so I find there are in the ultra some nice effects .

    In the future , i might put my eye on a Mobius or Tc Major , or an eventide thing . Less money and less trouble , and equal or superior quality, maybe less flexibility .

    Thanks to all :thumbup:

    Hi Dear Kemper mates!

    I am almost doing a trade of some things that i have for An AxeFX Ultra , to use its effects with My Kemper , nevertheless i am hesitant .

    At present i use my kemper with a Boss SE-70 Fx unit and a Zoom MS-70 CDR . I have heard that AxeFX have really great Reverb and Delay algorithms, thats why i got interested . Seller values its Axe in 1200 Euros , and i proposed a trade deal of a Focusrite Trakmaster pre amp, Art-DST 4 guitar pre amp, Rode NT1 microfone, Pod XT fully bundle expanded with POD FARM plugin and a ROGERLINN ADRENALINN . Not sure value wise if it will be my loss or his gain .

    I would listen to your opinions of the Ultra Fx as a complement to my kemper , and the respective trade value as i mentioned above.

    Thanks in advance .


    Oh God , lucky man you are!! lovelly amps there!! will dream with profiles of those lovelly gems!! thanks again for the bogner profiles ! And thanks for sharing info on the amps from pic . I read a lot about them , and they are really top notch , great taste you have. regarding the regal II being your favorite!! good choice!! ...that blackheart seems interesting as well, at least design wise rocks !! :thumbup:


    Thanks you so much !! Great profiles !!! :thumbup:

    An important Note!! : You have on the photos beautifull amps !! the Victoria Victoriette!!! :thumbup: The Other Victoria what is the model ? Louis Electric read great stuff on it, lovelly blues tones ! , have you ever tought profiling those beautifull gems? theres nothing anywhere!! The Victoria amps are used by many greats, Joe Bonamassa, Mark Knopfler, buddy guy ! etc. . . 8o

    BIG BIG THANKS !!!!!!!

    oh my GOD!!!! Great Stuff!! been playing with them and they are so Great !! turned into favorites . The clean is so sweet!! and the crunch became my favorite!!! Plenty of caracter on these profiles !! would love a blues sound on the edge of the break and Cracked Lead tone !! :thumbup:


    I cant post the complete rig - that would be a violation of Pete's license, even though its a free profile (he likes to maintain a download count so he can gauge interest in his profiles). I CAN make a rig with the amp set to a dummy factory profile, and you can download pete's profile then substitute it in yourself. Im sure JEVO doesnt mind if i repost his cab profile, but im gonna pm him to make sure.

    a dummy file with the Eq settings , and other fx would be cool . :thumbup: