Question about profiling pre-amps with new firmware

  • Hello all ! I have got a pre-amp i want to profile before selling it , i didnt yet profiled with the new firmware that can create merged profiles , my question is the following , i would like to profile my favorite pre-amp settings, is better to create direct out only ? or use my behringer DI, to create merged profiles using the cabinet simulation on pre-map, and then replace it with better cabs inside kemper ?

    If the advice will be to create merged profiles , what is the best way to do it ? using cabinet simulation on the pre-amp or doing it on the Behringer GI100 ULTRA-G that has guitar cabinet simulation .

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice .


  • Why not experiment and make a bunch of profiles? See what works best with what you've got.
    If I was selling off a preamp I would profile the crap out of it first.

    I assume you don't have a poweramp and cab, because that would be far better for creating merged profiles.
    I would imagine the built in cab sim on the preamp would be the second choice for me but it's a guess.

    You're going to be missing the amp section and it might not sound right swapping cabs, when you do the direct part without an amp in the chain.

  • Thanks for commenting . I Believe that maybe direct amp profiles is best way to go ? My thing is to use merged cabinets i do have , that is why i was thinking that finding way to profile my pre amp with cabinet simulator on , and making merged profiles, when i would inside kemper change cabinet would be more accurate . Theres the poweramp variable missing in the cabinet simulator on my pre amp profiling . . .