Marshall JMP-1 Pre-Amp "Gary Moore" Lead (Preset found on youtube )

  • Hi there! After some months of patience wait i putted my hand this afternoon on a Marshall JMP-1 Pre-Amp to profile , a little on rush i looked for some presets on internet ,the preset i used was taken from youtube, a a guy played a gary more song on jmp-1 and posted the setting he used .

    Gary moore used this pre-amp on studio recordings! At the studio i only had my friend telecaster to use on profile , but at my home i used my gibson les paul custom to finetune a litlle . By mistake the source CAbinet from lasse Lammert was Kept, as it was free and i love it so much , i left it on the profile .
    It was a problem to profile the Marshall Jmp-1 , it took some hours, and finally chose to use the speaker output into a whirlind DI , and got rid of some nasty noises . But level was too hot , so please take care , i left some Effects and eq to help fast tuning , and to turn this preset into 4 or 5 different and interesting sounds . I like the sound of this preset , but would like to listen to your opinion as maybe i can put my hands to profile some more stuff .
    I have some more presets, including the real Iron Maiden settings they usually use , Marshall used it on a magazine i found . I profiled those, but i think i can make it sound better still . So maybe i wont post those yet .

    My preset posted on the exchange is :

    Title: Gary Moore Lead
    amp profiled : Marshall Jmp-1
    Cab:Mesa Stiletto (from Lasse Lammert)

    On the profile
    the channel used was OD1 + Bass shift ON

    I love this sound , i hope you like too .


    Tone :thumbup:

    TIP: Guitar, tone control rolled back to 8, volume control never above 7

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  • Thank you very much!

    I miss my JMP-1 and this profile helps me to recover that sound.


    I am very glad that you are happy! i love the JMP-1 ! do you have any settings you would like me to profile?hopefully next week i can profile it again .

    you cant go wrong with that cab! its one of the very best, thanks for sharing your profile.

    Yeah that cab is really nice and sweet! you are welcome .

    very authentic! thanks for sharing

    It was not easy to profile it , but at the end i found a good solutionand it sounded good, even with a litle less bottom end . My kemper even gave me a dsp error ! on the profiling session, no ideia why .

    Great profile..... :)

    I i like the sound many thx.....

    Nice to know that you like it . Thanks :D

    Its funny that i have many commercial profiles i bought , and this My profile stands really good on its marshall glory ! its one of the profiles i have more fun playing latelly . Just dont forget due to the cascading distortion diodes process of the jmp1 (funny to remember that the jmp1 preamp was on the blacklist of the non possible profiling devices) :D l , there is no valves, except in the clean channel . If you change the gain besides what its on the profile, can give some little artifacts .

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    You should check it for auditioning this profile of mine . Great playing by Miguel Batalha !