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    2) Will there be a mass selling of KPA's to buy one? Only by those unhappy with the KPA. Many as already stated will get one anyway to try it out...hell why not. As stated I would trust more those people than youtube videos.

    There is a Spanish guitar forum where you can usually find one or two KPAs for sale. Currently there are 15! I don't understand it...

    Thank you.

    I had that "congestion" effect 4 years ago profiling one of my amps and we talked about it here. The amp that I was profilling had more than one stage significantly distorting and the profiles had something I would describe as "congestion" or "cocked wah effect". Lowering the master volume was the solution. That amps sounds better with the master above 12:00 but can't be profiled with accuracy on those settings. It's ok. It sounds good.

    Many profiles in the rig exchange are very good and all the factory profiles are professional-grade profiles. I agree with that.

    Some people used the word "congestion" to described this effect. There were many post about it 4 years ago.

    I wanna give you guys an example. Here's a video from Rhett Shull playing a 5e3 Tweed Deluxe. In the opening seconds you can hear the guitar outside a mix. It sounds amazing to me.

    P.S.: It might... just MIGHT also be his 3,500 $ Gretsch Falcon...

    Are you using a Gretsch with similar pickups? The sound of those Filtertrons is unique and you can't get that sound with other type of pickups.

    I bought one and it works well but the software and web site doesn't work so well...

    I can’t add new guitars now and had to reset the device so it connects to the mobile app. I had to reprofile the guitars but now they sound very different. I must try picking harder and softer until I get the desired results. I checking the results against my real guitars.

    Tu Interfaz de audio tiene activada la monitorización de la entrada en la que tienes el Kemper y, al activar al mismo tiempo la del DAW, suenan las dos al mismo tiempo y con desfase. Busca en el manual del interfaz de audio como desactivar la monitorización y ya lo tienes.

    How do you connect the mic? You need a mic preamp with the stage.

    thank you.

    ribbon and 57 to mixer and balanced line from there to the Stage. I use to do the same with the toaster. I did hundred of profiles.

    There is something different in the Stage. No matter what reference profile I choose, after volumen matching and profiling, the result is always low volume.


    I had two different Kemper Heads in the past and did many profiles and their volumen once finished were ok and similar to the commercial ones.

    Now I'm profiling with my Stage and taking as a reference some commercial profiles, setting the input volume to match the reference profile and, after profiling, the resulting profile is always very low. I've checking every parameter in the resulting profile and comparing it to the commercial reference profile and there are no differences.

    What am I missing? Thank you very much in advance.

    Thank you very much! I'll try.

    Sorry but for me it doesn‘t work. Profiler stage ist connected but no software update (software is up to date announcment) and it is a very unstable connection to my MacBook Pro. I tried it with different USB cables, installed RM 3 times new, credentials tested user name In RM and stage compared and so on...sometimes i get a connection sometimes not. My software version on profiler stage is 7.0.0_14807 from 09.07.2019. Till now i didn‘t had so much problems with a guitar processor and i had a lot. Don‘t know what to do. I‘m really a bit dissapointed.

    I'm a bit disappointed too. I have two tickets open to support.

    One because the connection between the Rig Manager disappears (not happening with my Powerhead and same computer).

    A second one because the date and time configuration is missing from time to time when I boot with the Stage not connected to the computer.