Yamaha DXR

  • After a test with my DBR10 against a DXR 8 i prefer the DXR more, its more Guitar Amp sounding, has a bit mid scooped sound
    which fits better for Guitar i think.
    My Question is
    Is a DXR 8 enough or do i need a DXR 10 or 12
    i don't need loud levels
    th most important is that i have a Guitar Combo sounding like Speaker
    which translates the Profiles as they are made

  • The DXR 10, which is the only one I have personal experience with, is not mid scooped but a bit mid heavy.
    Which is not a bad thing and indeed gives it a bit more 'body' on noisy stages.
    If volume is not critical I'm convinced the DXR 8 would be an excellent choice, in fact I'm not quite sure if the 8 and 10 are that different.

  • For the money is just get the dx10. I was in the same boat and would rather have greater volume options for live down the road if needed. Sound wise I think the 8 and 10 are about the same. I tried the 12 and did not like it at all (returned for dxr 10 which was sold out and I had to order which I think says something right there.

  • The DXR 8 is shacking the floor with a Mesa Dual Rectifier! more than enough headroom on cleans.
    I have done som chirch conserts lately and the sound engineer always told me to turn it down! I use In-ear anyway so its not a problem for me to have low volume on my amp! but i think the DXR8 is enaugh for most of us if you`re not a heavy metal guy!! Personaly I dont see any reason to have different sound on stage than trough PA! i use my Kemper only for live use. Its better to hear what you sonds like trough the PA, than very much bass and other frequences on stage.

  • At least i got the DXR 10
    DBR 10 is very leightweight
    but sounds unnatural and boomy, for guitar , its very god as PA speaker
    DXR 8 has too much Mids
    DXR 10 sounds the most natural with guitar, its a big difference to the others