Have amps, will profile: Choose an amp.

  • Tbh I'm very keen to hear the smallbox. I was ready to buy a one but circumstances changed. It seemed like the perfect choice. The Pink Taco was only one channel but the HBE was overly powerful. On paper the Smallbox was the one but i never got to try one nor have I heard any good players demoing. So yeah, HBE is the one but don't forget the Smallbox :)

    Maybe you could set the cab and mic positions up and then just switch the heads and get a bunch of profiles using the same mic positions. Then repeat using different positions if required. Or am i asking too much??? :D

  • Okay, there are three new poles to vote in, one for the speaker/cab, one if you want to profile with a single mic and one if you want to profile with dual mics. Please only vote in one mic pole or things will get confusing :)

    Please note that all threads for this project will start with "Have amps, will profile" so you can easily search for them.

  • Hey Tim, for the miking, could dual SM57, Fredman style be an option?

    I'm not sure what "dual SM57, Fredman style" means, but I do have two SM57's so I suppose that it is an option. I'm not sure how to add it to the pole without confusing things though, maybe if enough people post in the dual mic thread stating their interest in this method we could give it a try. Thanks

  • Actually, I need to kind of take back what I just said, I've been watching this video and that sure is some great tone. In the past I have watched videos like this and looked at the amp to get the tone settings, also read the text to see what speakers were used etc., I've even contacted certain artist directly to get more info on their tone, and most of the time that info did help in my quest for tone. If you guys want go by videos like this that is great, whatever gets the job done lets go for it. Whenever we get to the point of selecting speakers, cabs and mics any info gained from demos like this would probably be helpful for sure. It will all be up to you guys to make these decisions, and there really aren't any rules as to how you come up with profiling methods so lets have some fun!

    .......... some killer tone & playing here...