Looking (still) for a good foot remote controller

  • Hi,

    I had a great experience with the FCB + Eureka Prom... except a little Pedal dysfonctionnement... (otherwise, I would have kept them)
    but the more I was missing, is to have a controller with a bigger display (I really like to see the name of the patch, at my foot).

    Would you have any advice to give me, for me to find a good remote controller with a bigger led display ?

    The Kemper Remote controler is a little expensive for me... so if you have any recommandation for me to find, another good pedal controller, I'm very interested.


  • If you are up for a mod the fcb with uno4kemper or eureka is great. Replace the crappy pedals with external expression pedals. This involves cutting off pedal board soldering in two trs jacks for external expression pedals.

  • I've already sent back my fcb+prom. the FCB was a lot larger for me. If i have to replace the crappy pedals by new external pedals...I prefer to choose another remote controller...
    Like I said, I really need a foot controller with big led display for it to be abble to show me the patch name (not the program number only).

  • For the FC-300, yes you're right... and the characters is a little too small (but the Gt5 I use is near the same size) so it would be sufficient for me.

    Thanks for all the ideas ! :-)

    Midi Grande seems great, but 5 switchs (in place of 4) would have been perfect for the KPA...
    Gordius is maybe a little expansive for me... (I think for a price near the Kemper Remote Controller, I would maybe choose the Kemper one)
    I already think about Rocktron but I was surprised (and a little sceptic) about the switches that looks like plastic (but anyway i'm sure it is robuts)

  • I'm using the VodooLabs Ground Control Pro, and it does the job. Good spacing between the stomp buttons and a large display. I'm currently experiencing some delay time between hitting the stomps and the actuall effect switch on the KPA, but that might very well be my own noobism in all things midi shining through.

  • I am currently using a Line 6 hd500 as a Midi Controller and it works fantastic, i even throw it in the 8 rack skb case that holds my kemper. anyways it does these basic functions:
    1) tuner (both on the kemper and the l6 lcd screen)
    2) looper (through l6 exclusively)
    3) turn all my stomps and effects on and off
    4) change between 64 patches

    and it comes with aux in so you can conenct your ipod or whatever too. anyways its pretty good, it has one foot pedal but by clicking it you can control two things. so volume, click then i can control wah. and you can assign the cc number to anything you want. the hd 'edit' software is annoying but it does work. by looper exclusive i mean i cant get the looper on the kemper to work (might be my fault) but the l6 has a 48 sec looper, thats 18 more sec than the kemper plus you can do 1/2 time, reverse, undo etc. im connecting it with the guitar in to L(unbalanced) out for the tuner (the l6 tuner) and looper functions and of course the midi out to the kemper in to control my stomps and effects. you program the l6 so your signal isnt colored by the l6's effects and just sends a dry signal to the kemper (which is how you get the lights to work on the l6 switches, you can even set the same stomp name on the l6 like delay, reverb, eq, distortion so you will know what you are turning off and on). anyways since im just using it as a controller, looper and tuner i do not need the hd 500x. oh and did i mention the tap tempo! anyways it has some other neat features so i would really recommend it. the lcd screen is easily readable too.

  • Yeah , Thanks a lot !
    Funny I just was about to ask if someone had a HD500(x) experience return to share me... :-)
    (because, a friend of mine can lend me one)

    With the L6 looper, can the signal looped be the exact dry signal of the kemper ? (if no effect set on the L6, do the L6 can deliver a true bypass signal to the kemper ?)

    Can you tell me if you succeed in making the L6 bidirectional with the KEMPER ? (when you change the RIG of the Kemper, the L6 automatically set the current patch)

  • yes dry signal is possible! you can set dummy stomp and effects on the l6 to match those on the kemper so you can get the lights to show up on the l6 just set the looper in its "PRE" position, if not it will use the effects on the l6 if set to "post".

    yes bidirectional is possible in "perform" but not in "browser" and it will give you the patch name. be aware if you will use all 5 slots though! since the l6 works by having separate banks of 4 channels (16 banks of 4 channels hence you only have 64 options), set each song to have 4 slots in "perform." there are two workarounds however to utilize all 5 slots in "perform":

    1) if your guitar tech goes to the 5th slot, it will change the bank by banking up (or banking down depending on how you assign it) on the l6 which may be an issue since you need to bank down (or up) again to select a different slot. but then again this may not be an issue if your tech is doing all the work!

    2) set a switch on the l6 to select the 5th slot in each song. this works but you will have one less switch to turn on/off stomps/effects.