Controlling two KPAs with one Remote

  • Hello everybody,

    I sometimes borrow a second KPA for bigger shows to do a dual-amp setup, using a Uno4Kemper FCB as a midi controller connected to the first KPA, and a midi patch cable from the first KPA's Midi through port to the seconds' Midi in.
    This worked quite flawlessly so far.

    I want to upgrade to the Kemper Remote, but I'm not sure if and how i could use one to control such a dual KPA setup.
    Has anyone of you done this?

    I couldn't find clear information on this subject yet, so i'd be glad if you could help me.

  • I could swear that I've read that more than one Remote was possible, for the same Profiler, somewhere.

    I know in the Reference Manual/Deeper View, they tell you which POE injectors are compatible, but they also include which POE switches are compatible. That should mean support for more than one remote.

    Page 128/149 is where this is briefly covered:

    Kemper Powerhead w/remote & Kabinet
    Focusrite 18i8 (2nd Gen) - Windows 10 - Ableton Live - Yamaha HS-8's - DT770 80 ohms

  • I don't know if it would work (I doubt, since the data flow coming from two different machines would be a mess, and I believe you'd need something that could merge the signals coming from the KPA, but mine is just pure speculation), but what about linking the second KPA to the first with a midi cable?
    I know that the KPA+Remote combo has a pretty limited midi functionality but it might suit your needs if you just swap between performances plus some basic controls.

  • use the remote for the first one
    and from the first to the second patch a midi connection
    means kpa 1 midi out to kpa2 midi in
    assign the midi cc`s to each rig and when you switch the remote the second follows via midi

  • Thanks for your replies!
    Good to know that a midi connection between the KPAs works to switch the profiles on the second kemper.

    BUT - What about tap tempo (very important for me) and volume/exp pedal stuff? Can that stuff be sent via Midi by the Kemper?

    Edit: Stomps and Delay On/Off just came to my mind too

  • Thanks for your reply!
    I ordered a Remote, but I guess i'll keep my FCB for playing with two Kempers (and as a backup) for now.

    To the Kemper team - implementation of more Midi out functions for cases like mine would be VERY welcome!