Fryette Power Station version 1 vs. version 2...what are the main differences? Good choice for Kemper?

  • Wanting to buy one of these and was wondering what the differences were. Saw a used v1 on Reverb and didn't know if the v2 differences are worth paying extra for...

    Hoping to get a great amp-in-room tone for my Kemper that will equal the actual amp head through identical speaker cabinets.

  • FYI...while waiting for a response here, I received one from Fryette directly and wanted to share...

    "The new PS-2 sports a front panel Input Level sensitivity switch. This helps make high powered NMV amps more controllable.
    A rear panel Low Pass Filter Bypass switch allows you to deactivate the output filter that shaves off any annoying top end information generated by a raw cranked amp.
    A transformer isolated Balanced XLR Line Output makes direct recording easier and more convenient.
    Otherwise they are identical."

    Hope that helps anyone in the same boat as me. :-)