attempts to use the new delays as base for reverb rigs

  • Any attempt to use the new delays as base for reverb rigs ?

    I suspect the kemper team of using some of the new delayalgos in the next batch of FX that will come later this year in order to setup some great reverbs. So, It would be a cool idea to collect our own reverb presets here and brainstorm about it in the meanwhile ?

    I've been tweaking the new verb included in the new delays and got some interesting results :

    • using the 'warm verb' with a reduced mix % and fount this rig to be a good basis, really different from the stock verbs.

    • using 'boo hotel' and 'slapback' are a good candidate for spring like verbs.


  • I was thinking about this the other day, using the new delays as @meambobbo used to use the original delays as reverbs. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

    I really want/need a good plate reverb that sounds like a bright EMT250. At the moment all I do use use the hall verb and use the EQ settings within to get the basic frequency range I'm after but it still obviously sounds nothing like a plate reverb. I just love the sound when I run my EMT250 impulse responses in my DAW whilst using the Kemper. I think I'll start trying the new delays and seeing if I can work anything closer to a plate sound.

  • no time to work on an effort like this on my end. What ive been using lately is theres a delay preset called like quad delay or something like that and it sounds like a very lush verb. I also run a hall delay with delay reverb mix a bit to the left of center and it sounds amazing. I locked my delay and reverb and havent changed in a month or 2