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    Finally got round to updating my Kemper Firmware after about 2 years and took some profiles of one of my rigs I've been using lately ready for some fly dates coming up.

    I've uploaded three profiles of a Mesa Boogie JP-2C, one of each channel set to my current settings, captured through a Mesa Boogie Standard OS Slant 4x12 cab miced with an Shure SM57 and a Neumann KM185 at around the cap edge on a top speaker. The KM184 is about 6 dB lower than the SM57.

    1. Mesa JP-2C (Green) = Green channel, very clean made for single coils, with a bit compression, detune, chorus, stereo delay and slight reverb. Remove or edit as you wish naturally.

    2. Mesa JP-2C (Yellow) = Yellow channel, typical Mesa Mark heavy rhythm with a bit detune, chorus (off) , stereo delay, slight reverb. Remove or edit as you wish naturally.

    3. Mesa JP-2C (Red) = Red channel, set for lead playing with an optional front end boost, a bit detune, chorus (off) , a different stereo delay, slight reverb. Again, remove or edit as you wish naturally.

    All three are merged profiles and uploaded to Rig Exchange, search Liam Thompson.

    Hope some of you enjoy :thumbup:

    I know what you mean, there are times when I get too much volume with the pedal, then I find myself pulling it back and come back to far and then struggling to find the right level. So I think I will try the morph approach. Are you boosting rig volume?

    Are you boosting the volume with the rig volume and boosting the mids with the output EQ?

    Actually thinking back the mids thing might be a bit misleading as it actually may not be 1db of mids or 750Hz exactly, I'm getting mixed up with my go to settings on my Axe FX 3 and any other equipment I might use.

    My solo boost on the Kemper is actually my main rhythm profile, in the Amp Stack I add 1.0 on the mid pot and add 4 dB on the rig volume plus usually I add 2.0 on the gain also. Then I add more delay or reverb etc to taste.

    Thanks for the kind words again everyone, a few years after I posted most of these profiles.

    I think I might get round to making a few new profiles of the amp and see how they turn out.

    I'll admit and it might be blasphemy to some around these parts but when it comes to the digital realm I pretty much just use the Axe FX 3 these days and an FX-8 for effects with my real amps so haven't made any profiles in quite a long time.

    Still use the Kemper for fly dates though (well when we can actually do gigs again!). Just can't beat the convenience of the 600 watt power amp, plus amp and effects in that small package.

    Just wanted to post some thanks in here. A few people may have noticed I've not been posting for a quite a few months now, mainly due to my PowerHead blowing up with a big white flash and a bang about 4 month ago. I contacted support and opened a case.

    It took me around 4 months to get all organised and finally get my amp sent off to Germany, all securly packaged and insurered via UPS from UK to Germany for £55 and make sure I had some money ready for what I was expecting to be a costy repair fee due to the almost certainty that at least a motherboard was blown in the amp, due to what appeared to be part of an IC fell out the chassis.

    My amp was purchased January 2014 so was well out of warrenty period so was all prepared to pay what was needed for the repair providing it didn't fall into "May as well buy a new amp territory".

    To my suprise my PowerHead came back to me in just over 1 week fully rerpaired FREE OF CHARGE!

    I'd like to offer my thanks to Kemper Support Team for their quick turnaround and great service! Couldn't be happier.

    No problem, I wouldn't have opened it up if the warranty was still intact. Cheers for the heads up.


    I've just powered my Kemper amp up and after about 5 seconds the amp made a pop sound, with a small flash of light coming from the main plug jack socket on the back and tripped the fuse box in my house.

    I switched everything off in the house and returned the flip switch on my fuse box to restore the power.

    I then tried a new power cable with the Kemper and plugged it in as soon as I turned the power on at the wall I got another pop and flash from inside the amp and I never turned the chicken knob to start booting the Kemper up.

    I'm sick to say the least!

    I've contacted support straight away and just waiting for a reply, being the weekend may take a while.

    Have any of you guys had a serious fault like this before and had to send your Kemper away for repair? I'm just trying to gauge how much this is likely to cost me to get fixed? I'm live in England and I'm guessing the amp will have to be shipped to Germany also?