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  • Hey there. Was wondering if you ever got to those Black Arts profiles, per that response you made on the forum?

    If so, let me know. I am very interested.

  • Hey man I just want to repeat that your Splawn QR profiles are spectacular! They've become one of my go to profiles. Excellent tone and quality. Thank you. Let me know if you ever put out any more like these.

  • AND! Love your DS( Dirty Shirley right?) profiles. Do you have anywhere where I can find more of these? Thanks!

  • Hey man. Just wanna say I love your Splawn QR profiles. They sound great and very similar to the real amp. Don't remember where I got them from. Maybe RE? Anyways but they're great. Thanks.

  • what are the best Kiss profiles you have heard?

  • Hey man...did you ever do the profiles for the Black Arts Toneworks pedals?

  • Kemper. I would really appreciate illustrated you share to connect PS2

  • Hi I just got my masters have availability for the ps2 if you me fryette kemper. I would really appreciate illustrated you share to connect PS2

  • Happy Birthday, Jeremy, from a fellow Virgo!
    Hope it's a great one, mate!

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    • Is that just a period?

    • yes, sorry ;) .....I posted a message to someone else accidently on your wall, and the best way to erase it was to replace it with a period....