Looking for eight string guitar profiles... djent? Not sure

  • New guitar inbound, I thought I might as well try something new and an eight stringer is probably like a whole new instrument after playing a six string for so long.

    Anyone have any recommendations on profiles that would sound good through an eight string guitar? I'm definitely listening to more didn't these days, but I'm not sure if djent is what I want to play. Am sure there's scope for other excursions, though having a lower tuning usually means you're playing metal. I just don't want to limit myself, though I'll probably set off to cop a Meshuggah tone on day one haha

    So does anyone have any tips on profiles I should check out? Doesn't have to be metal, even softer or FX laden stuff would be cool. I'll probably trawl through the rig exchange and my small collection, but any pointers in the right direction will be appreciated. :)

  • Check with the modern guys -
    STL-Tones, ArthurD, r.u.sirius, Deadlight Studio.

    For me, lower tunings cover the 'heavy' element so i'm more geared towards medium-gain, extremely articulate stuff -
    otherwise i'd recommend Sinmix as well.

    I've also always been more AAL than Whitechapel, so i usually find what i'm looking for with JCMs or Friedmans.
    Try Tim Owens' stuff - a little brown-eye goes a long way.
    Amp Factory's JCM800 is also one of my all-time favorites.

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  • It's a new instrument. It doesn't quite sound or feel like a 6-string, and you shouldn't try and force 6-string sensibilities on it.
    It's a lot of fun, though :)

    "But dignity is difficult to maintain
    stamina requires constant upkeep
    repetition is boring
    and you pay for grace."

  • @nightlight Hey Brother, i have almost finished compiling a list (highlights of commercial profiles)
    I play a 9 but these will work okay, i just realized they are not FREE
    But DealightStudio has the Free 8 string profile called

    TH FK SLAM DAM 8 string
    (Frank and Lars gave that out FREE check their thread and or PM them :) )

    Non FREE, these do well right out of the box,
    if you tweak them slightly.

    Angel Savaspe 024fx
    Dual Rectro6L6 114 + 116
    PS Archer 95

    Dans 6505
    what a monster

    Dealight Studio
    for a good clean (plenty of distortion ones too)
    TH Randal V2 29

    Also Kosten

    Have not gone through Sinn's yet

    Should keep you going for a while let me know if any probs, i am getting the bareknuckles soon, soon as i do
    ill have more to post


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  • Thanks, Ash!

  • With gain, less is more

    Clarity and definition in the amp section are your best friends

    I'm a huge advocate of the character knob in the cab section. Your cab profile plays a huge role

    A profile with a tube screamer baked in will save you an extra block

    Studio eq after cab section

    .05-1.0 dry mix in the amp section

    I once made a fender twin profile djent lol

    Lots of gain can be fun but I found with my 8 string that if I'm playing through a cab that less gain is better if you use gates and want them catch.

    Chairs! :thumbup: