How many profiles are in your Kemper?

  • Hey guys, Kemper owner for a very short time now.

    I guess I ran against the usual roadblock of having too much stuff on my Profiler. I just gobbled up every free Profile Pack and everything that interested me from the Rig Manager Packs and now I am where I am, namely at 932 profiles.

    I try to listen to them and play through them for like a minute or so at a time, I plan on favoriting the ones I like and then deleting all the other stuff. But yeah, right now, it's a big, hot mess.

    My questions on that process are fairly simple, but I feel I need them answered to be able to comfortably delete any profile from there:

    1. If I like a profile, should I keep all the other profiles of the same series, that profile the same amp, just with different gain settings ( as in

    profilename 1, profilename 2, profilename 3 etc )? Do you guys actually use your Kemper like that, kicking in a higher gain setting profile for a

    lead, or do you just stick the usual Tubescreamer / Boost in the effect chain?

    2. Do I actually have a chance of comparing that many profiles or is the plan just way too ambitious? As in, should I just buy one pack from one

    profiler that I seem to like via Youtube listenings and use them, and maybe do the whole profile comparison thing when I've worked a bit more

    with the unit and 'know what I'm doing', so to speak. Because at the moment it feels like a very big mountain, if you know what I mean.

    Apologies if this isn't the thread for questions like that. Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

  • Do I actually have a chance of comparing that many profiles or is the plan just way too ambitious?

    Well... not easy. Why don't you go for the RigManager using a computer connected to the Kemper. That makes it way easier to sort and compare profiles. Actually I have virtually no profiles on my Kemper (~20). Just performances which are build based on profiles which I identified over time as my go to sounds.

  • 3 identical performances - in case I stand on page up or page down button by mistake I still get the right patch.

    the only one in the browser is the bass transformer 2 from RE. Useful to have quick and easy access for when I need to beat a bassline into the bassists fat head.

    I find it annoys/motivates him more when it sounds like a bass :D

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  • actually a hundred or so.. not so many. I m not a hungry rig collector.

    it s just the combination of my amps ( 6 heads in total ) with various cabs..mic or IRs.

    I also have some bass rigs from RE and Ive purchased some 3rd part of.. my amp ti compare them with my profiles.

  • I only keep about 100 on the unit for gigging. Everything else is in RM.

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  • Only had the Kemper for 2 weeks but I've got 1000 and if it held 10,000, I'd go for capacity.:D

    Im addicted to profiles! There are lots of good profiles out there - which is a nightmare - but I found getting the free packs from the various profiles gave me an idea of whom i'd like to buy packs from. I needed to do this methodically - lots of folders in rig manager and on mac. I'm closing in on a few profilers i really like and my usual suspects of amps and quite a few I've never played or heard of.

    I use rig manager to preview profiles now as I initially sent 900 profiles to the Kemper which caused a lot of confusion and button pressing.

    I'm sure on on the same journey as others and I'll end up with 30/40 profiles and several go to performances but at the minute I'm eating profiles for breakfast!8o

  • I'm sure on on the same journey as others

    Yes. It's this incredible great universe the Kemper opens up for us. Can't tell you how much I enjoy to play profiles of amps which I will definitely never own or even get into my fingers... 8o

    I'm closing in on a few profilers i really like and my usual suspects of amps and quite a few I've never played or heard of.

    Same here, good approach. After learning how this works and who does what you will probably slow down the rate of new profiles. That's how I experienced it and nowadays I have only few go to profiles in my performances and just rarely add one which comes along the way in order to try it out if it can add value to my selection. Still finding interesting gems every week :)

  • I have roughly around 30. Trying to keep to a small amount to start with since I have only had it for a shirt while.

    I struggle with the performance setup at this point but I can imagine doing a clean, crunch, heavy, and solo performance for different style amps and band styles.

  • No kidding I did a "get Info" on the folder and have (backed up on 3 different cloud and backup drives) 583 megs (31,889 items) of profiles now.

    Im a Profile Hoarder lol!!!

    But I have about 70 in my Profiler shown in RM- cant keep up with much more than this...

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user