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    Truth. Welcome to the only amp solution that sounds like an amp. (Tonex is good, too, but very limited compared to Kemper.) You made the right decision.

    I'm trying to psych myself up to sell a Mesa Mark V head since the Kemper does a whole lot more and I don't need the tube/possible repair expense.

    Watch ALL the Kemper video tutorials and learn what the amp control knobs do: Definition, etc Learn one amp model really well with the editing controls then you will see how the Kemper works. If you come into a problem, there is always a solution; just come to the Forum and ask. Make backups of your profiles. I usually ZIP them up and store at several Cloud mail accounts.

    Just read the manual. Only 2 effects before amp stack. Delay and reverb after the stack. Probably good enough for most. You can always add real stomps before the Player. Lack of effects loop, but I find the effects in the Kemper to be great. Those not so great can go in front.

    Look like jacks for stereo out and a loop. [Edit: No loop, headphone and pedal jack] Possibly both USB style jacks; one for update and the other for computer connection. Next to that, [Edit: XLR] (Just guessing here). I'm sure it is well thought out and will rock.

    i own tons of commercial profiles,most of the free profiles on the RE are not good,i always buy from Guido,Bert,Britts,Soundside,Fig,Lenz

    I'm a few years older than Michael(B), so I'm sure we listened to a lot of the same players and appreciate the same guitar tones. Along with his profiling expertise I trust his ears to create profiles that are pleasing to my ear...and he does. So 98% of the profiles I use are from his packs.

    RE profiles are so hit and miss. I don't want to spend hours finding great ones. Just take my $$ time is valuable. ^^

    It's a strange pack, but not bad. Of course, overpriced. But there are 5 to 10 very good profiles I use often for recording. The remaining are repetitive and useless, although it's possible to conform a track with 5 different mics, at different levels and pan. It may be interesting for someone. I don't reccomend it for live use. MBritt is way better for that purpose (and everything else).

    Thanks for the input. I'm glad I passed. I know Carl is totally into using his tube amps, while MBritt loves amps, but fully embraces the Kemper. As a result, Michael takes more time with his profiles for his personal use on stage. (IMO)

    Just had a go with the beta on my Mac Mini (M2 Pro) and Ableton Live. It sounds pretty good, except that it's injecting intermittent digital noise into the track every couple of minutes. I have it in a USB hub, which is where I'd been connecting it to Rig Manager - I'll try moving it to a port on the Mini, but thought I'd post what I'm hearing.

    In general, you never want to use USB hubs for any kind of audio/midi connection. They will many time interfere with latency or other things. Always plug straight in.

    The most versatile dirt pedal I have. Unfortunately, Fulltone closed up shop.

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    I don't know what the toxicity that you refer to is. I don't see it. Have you ever even logged in and posted there? I think you're letting your prejudices show.

    You can read messages without having an account. It was all over that thread...better reread. Communism and "zero integrity". It was closer to being a Ted Nugent forum.

    Before I bought the Kemper, I was 98% close to buying the Ultra model. I even convinced a friend to get it after I showed him the videos.

    Then, I saw/heard the Kemper and it was night and day difference in warmth. I have the financial means to buy the Axe III, but I stay with the Kemper as it still sounds better.

    I'm not pre-judging anything. I've done my research.

    That was the first time I've been to that forum in years. And nothing has changed as I see.

    This is the pot calling the kettle black. 8)I

    It says a lot when the kettle was banned from TGP.

    While there is fanboi-itis among Kemper owners, it doesn't reach the level of toxicity at the kettle's forum.

    As to the original topic....I'm actually more excited about USB audio than anything else.

    AS EXPECTED, the other guy (with steam coming out of his ears when the Kemper is mentioned) just commented today on their forum:

    "Liquid Profiling is a blatant infringement on my patent."


    I've been using D'Addario XL 9.5 pack for a while, but will be switching to GHS Boomer 9.5s. I find the quality/tone of GHS to be better.

    Meh. I'm a big IK Multimedia fan (mainly their soft synths and iLoud Micro speakers), but this sounds about the same as Amplitube.

    My Kemper and S-Gear plugin is safe. S-Gear sounds superior to Tonex.

    I agree about Logic Pro X on a Mac. It's the only way to go ESPECIALLY if you go with the Education Bundle.

    You get Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, MainStage, Motion, and Compressor.

    For $199. All of it.
    BTW, they don't ask for proof......anyone can download and buy at this discount.…apps-bundle-for-education

    I bought the bundle for the sole reason of getting Final Cut Pro as I do video, but still use Logic Pro.

    If it wasn't for the fact that I've already invested in the flagship, Ableton Live Suite and Push 2, I would have stayed with Logic. It's a great program and lots of YouTube help and tutorials everywhere.