Importing performance?

  • Importing performance in rigmanager, is it possible? I have 2 kempers and i wanted to import a performance i just made today from KPA nr:1 (exported it to PC) and then into the second KPA. I did some researched but dident find something so i better ask here. I have highlighted the performance tab in RM and in filemenu there is something called import performances... but for me that one is greyed out...i must do something wrong and i guess its silly. Hopefully i dont have to do a backup of the first KPA and load it up to the second one :wacko:

  • You can backup your performances to rig manager and copy them elsewhere. I've done this when I factory reset my Kemper. If you drag and drop the performances from your Kemper in rig manager you should be able to move them to another Kemper amp. I remember last time I did this it was greyed out as well, but I just clicked back to my profiles and clicked back to performances in rig manager and it wasn't greyed out anymore. I'm looking at buying a 2nd Kemper in the next 3-6 months so I'll be doing this at that point as well.

  • The old fashion way:
    Make a backup on your kpa stick no1.
    Rename the backupfile to .tar

    Read out your performances and store them seperatly on your pc.
    Open rm dor kpa no. 2

    Import the performance files for your second kpa. I think with this way they wont greyed out.

  • please don't recommend to open the archive files. that's simply not a good advise for multiple reasons. among those are that you can easily damage things and also it is not necessary if I understand the original question correctly.

  • Importing performance in rigmanager, is it possible?

    the way I understand you question is that you want to copy a performance from one Profiler to another.

    The easiest way is to connect both Profilers to your PC and open Rig Manager. Then, open two windows in Rig Manager and simply drag the performance in question from one Profiler to the other. Alternatively copy the performance to a folder in Rig Manager, connect the second Profiler and drag it from the folder to the performance slots of the second Profiler.

  • Yes you understood me right...sorry for my bad english...that was a great idea that i never thought of to connect bot KPA...Right now i have only one usb cable but i will fix one more now. I have managed to copy it over to second kemper now...Thanks