Peavey 6505 vs Line6 Helix vs Kemper vs TSE X50 [SinMix Comparison]

  • Sinmix, the noob killer..

    This was very interesting, but I cannot say I expect different results.

    If you know what cabs do, well, you know these amp modellers will sound very close..

    The whole "kpa kills everything" position is BS imho. Kemper is very good at creating IR though I think (or call it what you like).

    And also in my not-so-humble opinion.

  • Why don't you also use POD farm, amplitube or any Free amp simulators and I'm sure you will get very similar results,

    If we are to conclude anything or if this means anything it would be:

    1- you're unable to harness the power of the KPA to get better production.
    2-You're intentionally making everything sound similar

    I can make the same test as sinmix, doing the playing myself, and results will be similar. Done it many times, just not on youtube.

  • I don't doubt it, I can also play any modeler including POD HD, Eleven, AXE and get usable sounds. but the Kemper feels much more realistic and musical. Other tests that would be more meaningful is increasing the presence or highs knobs on Helix or TSE X50 Bias or any modeler and realizing how harsh and non musical they sound. They don't have a wide sweet spot or usable range when compared with the KPA. Try that out and you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Please stop this OT! And back to topic! It's a MIX Comparison! - what is so hard to understand?

    Stay Metal!

  • A mix comparison is just that, a mix comparison where the mixing engineer could try different tools or devices to fit the mix if he's given the freedom by the musicians. If a POD Farm sounded better in a specific mix than the real amp, what will that even mean? Will it mean that now the POD is better than the real amp for every situation out of the millions of possibilities that exist?

    I happen to agree with you on the premise that in a mix comparison, everything is valid and all tools can be put to good use without having to draw a conclusion of what's better or worse.

    There are just different flavors and different tools and they're all viable.

  • Just an irrelevant note...

    I can fart through a Sinmix IR and it still sounds amazing. The low end is there; the high end not too shrill -- it's what you expect from a good tone imho.

    Most importantly it cuts the mix.

    Which just speaks volumes about the quality of these cab IRs. I can't wait for weekend to test his IR pack more.

    And also to guess where is what here.. I just listened through phone.

  • B kemper, A real amp... They are close, but I don't think I am wrong. It was my first impression before when listened on smartphone with headphone, now I'm positive this is the case.

    Rest, I prefer the last one, so I will say that is the free plugin :D which I used before quite a bit. But I'm really not sure about these two, could be either way; they certainly sound different though.

    Just my two drachmas :)

  • B has KPA tone I know, just compare to A, C, D, the sound thins out. Listen to the chords, it almost "tries" to get into wah-frequency which does not happen with any of the rest. That is what gives it away for me.

    Im' still not sure about the last two. But I know neither is Kemper. If there's something I am 100 percent sure here it's that B is kemper., even if I got A wrong.

  • Yes. I know I'm correct. I don't even need to wait for results. I know kemper tone. This is kemper tone. If I'm wrong, I will eat my guitar. Just listen to how chords trail off -- the tone in B starts to go "wah wah". That's the best way I can describe it. I will be VERY surprised if I'm wrong on B.

  • Here's a regular guy making a profile of his 6505 and it sounds way better than any and all of the single tracks you posted. Can you explain how come the Kemper tracks you make always sound weak compared to most of the Kemper Profiles out there?

    This is Jake Pitts from Black Veil Brides.

  • IMHO @Dean_R tuning, hard picking and a high bridge setting. Back to what I have been saying its playing and guitar setup. Granted the Kemper does have the extremely annoying mids.

    It's the "wah wah"-like, telephone mid issue. You can hear it here clearly imho. And I have made DI test comparisons time and time again, with different amps, having the exact same differences.

    I'm not even saying this means kemper sucks or anything like that -- I freaking love sinmix and big hairy profiles and use them all a lot, a lot, a lot -- but this is an issue. Kemper themselves market the device as getting the identical tone of your amp/cab/mic set up. It's only to be expected that users will evaluate/criticize kemper in that light, either away.