Please do not mention Commercial Rigs in Free Rigs posts.

  • Please don't mention Commercial Rigs in a "Free Rigs" post. When someone creates a post in this "Free Rigs and Profiles" forum, they are not starting a thread to discuss Commercial Rigs. They want to discuss Rig Exchange Rigs, KPA Factory rigs, Dropbox link Rigs, etc.

    Your mention of Commercial Rigs is likely to cause the entire conversation thread to be moved to "Third Party Rigs discussion". If the Original Poster wanted the discussion to be there, the thread would have been opened in that forum, not in the Free Rigs forum :)

  • Totally, Paul.

    I've invited folks to PM me if I've a commercial alternative to offer, stating that we ought not risk mentioning even a single vendor, lest a thread be moved. Kemper is very-strict in this regard and it doesn't seem to miss a beat, does it? The PM'ing thing works a treat, so I strongly encourage anyone who's tempted to mention a vendor to invite a PM from or send one to the user involved.

    Great call, mate.