Work in progress - 2x12" FRFR cab

  • Bought an as new empty 2x12" cab. Ordered two sets Eminence Beta 12CX woofer + ASD1001 tweeter + PXB2 2K5 crossover. One set is still in back order, I think it will be delivered next week. This is the result so far:

  • Second set of speaker, driver and cross over arrived!!
    Just ordered a Proel HPX1200 poweramp which will arive tomorrow.
    Changed the position of the cross overs, they now are on the inside of the top panel. So the pic's below are from the cab upside down.

  • Got your poweramp? How is the sound @DML ?

    Yes, the Proel poweramp did arrive but also returned. Great and light (as in weight) poweramp but I think I'm missing the abbility to
    adjust the EQ without affecting the XLR outputs on the KPA. I'm using the jack outputs for the poweramp. It's a pitty that the master stereo outputs are linked. So I've ordered a Samson SXD3000 with build in DSP (with EQ), it arrived yesterday but it did not work so this one will return also.
    Buttttttttt, I've ordered at once a QSC GXD4 poweramp, again with DSP and Class D, very compact, lots of power, lightweight.
    Online DHL stated that it will arrive today between 11.00 and 15.00. Patience is a virtue :evil:

  • Verdict:
    My two DXR10's are here to stay.

    The story:
    Received by the end of this morning the QSC GXD4 poweramp, which is a very, very nice poweramp.
    Couldn't wait at all so I connected the GXD to my KPA on one side and to my FRFR 2x12" cab on the other side.
    To sound "right" I had to adjust the build in EQ of the GXD a bit: +3db on 2,5kHz and +6db on 6,3 kHz (which are both pretty guitar-like frequencies....). But still it sounded like there was sort of blanked on the cab. Made some adjustments on some profiles but it didn't seem to come alive, a.y.k.w.i.m. The sound was a bit boxy (not boomy), like the sound stayed in or around the cab. I've had this same experience with a Marshall 1960AC, so with Greenbacks. Some of us can get great tone out of this 4x12 but I don't like it.
    Same with my FRFR 2x12, the sound didn't appeal to me at all.
    Okay, for reference I took one DXR10 and connected it on the Monitor output with the Monitor EQ set flat.
    Wow!! The DXR almost blew the 2x12 away. Okay, I've made some adjustments on the GXD's EQ to sound almost like the DXR. Not quite possible but it came close (one of the advantages of the 4 band full parametric EQ on the GXD). Still the DXR sounded fuller, more in-your-face. Mind you, this is 1x10" versus 2x12"!!!
    Next I took my second DXR but I've placed them horizontal on top of each other, looks like a small Line Array on the ground, 'cause they both are little tilted to the back. This placement was a real eyeopener to me, the sound has a very nice projection.
    The 2x12 was nog game for the two DXR's.
    I've put some rubber feet on the side of both DXR's.

    To return:
    1x QSC GXD4
    2x Eminence Beta 12CX
    2x Eminence ASD1001
    2x Eminence PXB2-2k5

    For sale:
    1x empty 2x12" cab w/ open back

    Pic below: don't try this at home, don't place the KPA on top because it slips right of the top DXR. Just for the looks :D

  • Interesting story! Thanks a lot!

  • My understanding is that a dual-driver open-back cabinet is the worst possible option for the Eminence Beta 12CX/ASD1001 combo. They should be isolated and closed.

    IOW, there's NO WAY that open-back 2x12 can compare with a DXR10 pair for the Kemper.