TC Electronics Quintessence Harmoniser

  • Huge Thin Lizzy fan here, who has been relying on the inbuilt Kemper fx for ages. I think they are all pretty good apart from the flangers and phasers. However, I've never been able to get along with Kemper's harmoniser. So I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the Quintessence Harmoniser by TCE. I've got one ordered and it should be here on Tuesday. On the one hand I'm pretty excited. On the other, a little sad because it will be the first stomp box parked next to the remote, and the spaghetti situation I've avoided for so long will start to manifest itself :/

  • I really dig this pedal and plan to buy one for my analog board. But I don’t really think it’s necessary with the Kemper. If it is though, do let us know!