Rig manager clarifications

  • My Kemper head and remote is scheduled for delivery tomorrow! My questions regarding the Rig manager for clarification are:
    I was able to load the current manager on my lap top and get a few profiles I am anxious to try in there already by dragging and dropping, however last night I got Rig onto my imac desk top and only one file would drag into the library the other kept giving me an error sign.

    I watched the tutorial which was helpful but did not really cover loading rigs from desk top -or did I miss that part?

    Other questions: Once you organize performances how do you scroll through them to set up a live 1-5 section? With the remote does banking up and down allow you to find the various 1-5 performances per bank ? I watched the remote video but it did not cover that.


  • Not ever used Rig manager without the KPA so probably not a good test on whether its working or not but I forewarn you that its the KPA's area of weakness ( in my opinion).

    With regards to performance mode, you can scroll through performances as you described by banking up and down. I have about 5 performances on my KPA, of which 2 use in the same band live ( set up for different guitars - Les Paul vs Gretsch and so needs quite a bit of balancing).

    You will also be able to see these easily on rig manager and click and drag performances on and off your KPA onto your PC/MAC.

    When it does arrive, check our Morphing - can be used in many ways but I use it to add to an existing slot i.e. I have a rhythm sound, click the same slot on the remote for a bit of additional volume for a riff. This can effectively extend your slots from 5 to 10....I use it all the time to add volume, gain or more effects to an existing sound..