Free 6505 to recto cab profile

  • I really don’t know why I bother :-(
    37 downloads. 3 likes and 3 comments (thanks guys. Much appreciated)
    It must be the internet generation so used to free stuff and not appreciating it.
    I’m not fishing for likes but it is very hard to carry on sharing things that stem from my years of experience and pro equipment if it is so unappreciated.

    You think you have it bad :S 5150 to recto is about as common as it gets lol... (Don't get me wrong ; a 5150 to Mesa can't be beat... its just very accessible to most) Think what it's like when you spend THOUSANDS on amps and get fewer likes/comments - than this common setup got (but hey, I do it as a passion anyways :D:thumbsup: ...) I think people just generally don't feel the need to leave anything graceful like a comment or like: whilst others religiously say 'thank you' - which is at least something and makes you remember why you bothered! The amount of freebies you've done while starting up was just insane! - can see why you were a bit crestfallen, but know you are certainly not alone!

  • Yes.
    6505 to recto cab is common but I thought this one sounded exceptional.
    I have thousands in amps and cabs from running a commercial recording studio and 12 cabs from doing the conquer all cab packs for joey sturgis.

    I’m not in any way dependent on selling profiles. My studio is always fully booked 3 months ahead. It’s more of a hobby so I don’t mind giving profiles away for free.
    It’s just that people these days don’t appreciate anything.
    I’m 45 and have a different attitude. If somebody is generous enough to share something I appreciate it (and usually think there must be a catch :-) )
    Anyway, sorry for the rant. I know a lot of the guys here are great and I get a lot of support and private messages about how they are using the free profiles and my commercial packs so I apologise to them.
    It’s just a bit disheartening when I see so many downloads

  • No that's what I mean man... It gets to you when things are (or seem to go) underappreciated. Just not in everyone's fashion to comment on forums I supppse? I wouldn't apologise too much - no need to really; you were just expressing yourself (and why should you need to apologise for that?)

  • Just tried this profile (finally found the time) and I have to say its in the list of my goto profiles, the cab as well, and I'll get the pack when I'm paid on Friday

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  • I love your profiles (free and the ones i've purchased)! He couldn't be nicer or try harder to please his customers as well.

    Thanks again...

  • Profiled a killer Peavey 6505 to Recto cab today to save the sound for an album that a client is working on.
    TS808 boost and 57 and vintage MD421 mics to Neve mic pres. Mix ready EQ on "X" button.
    Free for you guys =]

    Thanks, Mick! It is the holiday season and I still haven't downloaded. With you always dishing out free stuff, it's hard to keep up. Merry Christmas!

  • Mickrich,

    I just downloaded 3 of your profiles that I am going to load later this evening into my Kemper. I appreciate you doing this because I dont have any amps to profile anymore and I am a touring artist. I am in the market for high gain profiles and no one seems to want to deliver.

    One of the ones that I am really interested in is a Peavey 6505 with a Maxon 808D in front of the amp.

    I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on profiles and right now I have probably 2 go to profiles. I am totally willing to purchase killer sounding high gain profiles that are just brutal heavy, yet cut through a mix. The intro riff to Raise Your Horns by Amon Amarth is the type of live profile tone that I would love to have.

    Would you be wiling to help me out?

  • Try out the profiles you downloaded and see how they work for you.
    The new evh to bogner 4x12 cab i shared the other day is fantastic.
    The clarity and punch of the bogner cab is amazing.
    Referencing recorded tracks on an album probably isnt a great idea.
    For live, you need a full range sound that the front of house engineer can tune to the band mix and venue.
    PM me if you are looking for something specific.
    I have a lot of amps and cabs and mics.

  • I will do that. Thanks and I will be in contact with you.
    I did grab the EVH profile. I had a Bogner with cross V30s and G25s and that cab sounded amazing. It was the last 4-12 I had before switching over to Kemper and Matrix

  • This 6505 profile is probably one of the best sounding profiles I have tried. Just downloaded it, did just a little tweaking to my taste (added just a little presence) and it is a brutal sounding high gain profile. If you are a metal player, this profile is a must have!!!

    Thank you @mickrich for this.