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    Just click on the favorite column to change the sort order. Your favorites will be on the top (or bottom, depending on sort order)

    I realized I can do that but when I've already got it in the order I want I want to filter further like you can with gain or ratings. It was supposed to be an improvement request, not a cry for help.:)

    1. To be able to filter include/exclude by the 'favorite' column.

    We can filter rigs by gain levels using + up to ++++++++++, and * for rating levels, but there is no way of filtering favorites. I have to use the comments column to type in favorite, and then filter on that.

    2. Add 'not containing the search string' to the search filter 'display results' list

    We already have 'containing the search string', surely we need 'not containing the search string' as well, I could have used that many times.

    3. General Rig Manager annoyances

    a) Dragging a rig to a folder without care, all sorts of other folders open up and you're intended folder disappears off the screen. you have to then carefully navigate the mouse back to original folder so as to not put contents into some other folder.

    b) Cannot drag a folder to a new location. Have to setup a new folder with the same name and then drag contents and then delete the old folder

    c) columns always wrong width hiding info

    columns always default width for new folders. all my previous column showing + resizing has to be done again and again

    d) Displaying a folder doesn't not show contents of sub folders

    e) Attempts to delete rigs in the profiler via rig manager results in damaged rigs and/or adding back of deleted rigs. I have to then manually delete them in the profiler as well. solution is to never delete a profiler rig in rig manager.

    I wish the 'LOCK' function could be extended, so that individual parameters could be locked.

    For instance, I always change the power sagging to 6.6 without exception on all my profiles. I also change the gain to 9.0, because I like to turn down the guitar volume to about 3 to get edge of breakup. It's what works for me, and it would save a lot of button pressing to be able to lock those two parameters

    It probably doesn't make much sense to lock something like 'definition' because that's dependent on that particular profile, but who knows, maybe someone would want to.

    Right click a knob and enter an exact value.

    I'd like a feature like in cockos reaper, where you can right click a knob and enter an exact value, rather than fiddling around trying to get a knob or slider in the right place. Sometimes, rather than by listening, you want to know you're recreating the sound exactly.

    Yes, interesting. I wouldn't have noticed any difference at all if I hadn't been listening for it, even then I didn't hear any difference the first run through. But listening more closely the second time, I agree with Bryan Daste, I hear it too, the real amp very slightly darker tone, and the kemper has a bit more air in the treble, but really it's almost negligible.

    What's so bad about rotary knobs? Tons of plugins use them...

    The "fine control" idea is nice. Usually it's found by holding a modifier key (control, I think).


    I'd hate it if there were sliders instead of knobs. I like controls to look like the real thing, so my brain doesn't have to do unnecessary visual translations or learn and get used to over time what each control is. I've already done that on the physical kemper.:)

    But I'd absolutely hate the idea of the action being circular like a knob. That should be complete banned in all software for use with a mouse (particularly bad with volume controls) :cursing:. I think these days most companies realize that this is bad and unwanted.:)

    please continue to posts requests here. at this stage, we'll not be able to comment on every aspect - not everything is set in stone and this will be the first editor release. but keep commenting, it shows us what's important to you.

    Any chance of putting the 'LOCK' buttons on each editor page.:)

    One of the most important things to me is, having a 'LOCK' buttons on each page. I know a rig is supposed to be amp+cab, but I have a small set of preferred cabs, and stomps and effects, and just find different amps to fit.

    Unless I missed it - I'm confused - I don't understand why they didn't even bother to ask an estimate on the release of the Kemper Editor or any other details. Of course release dates are fluid for software, but one can ask - and it looks already pretty usable at the moment.

    Well CK described it as a prototype at the beginning, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Rod Staples You incorrectly attributed that quote to me.

    Sorry, I did. Corrected now.

    Unless I missed it - I'm confused - I don't understand why they didn't even bother to ask an estimate on the release of the Kemper Editor or any other details. Of course release dates are fluid for software, but one can ask - and it looks already pretty usable at the moment.

    Well CK described it as a prototype at the beginning, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

    They will release it when it's ready. I wouldn't want it earlier because it will crash. Software will always crash before testing is finished no matter how good the programmers are.

    I could easily imagine it could be Q3 of 2019, if it's sooner then that will be a nice surprise.

    Make sure you turn on beta in Rig Manager preferences, if you want asap.

    I think some of these amp manufacturers need to get with the real world these days. They are not losing any business from me because I have no intention of buying any amps anymore, not because I have a kemper, but because even the small ones are far too loud.

    I've had bought all sorts of amps in the past JCM800, Peavey Triumph, Fender Twin, JC120, Musicman etc. and it was rarely the case where I could use their potential even at gigs. Really in those days that's all there was, and Master Volumes where a great help but didn't solve the problem. If I could have, I would have used a kemper from the start in the '70s. It's the first time I've been able to get the right sound at the right volume.

    What I'm currently doing is renaming everything using the amp-name field and re-saving the retagged Rigs, replacing the original bought .zip files. It's... taking... a... looong... time...

    I know. I've been doing that as I go along since the beginning, but it's such a pain. It often takes longer researching what the actual amp is, than to change the tags.

    The helpful ones say trying to recreate the sound of 'whatever' amp. Those vendors seem to think it's safe enough, but I suppose it's down to the individual vendor as to how many threats they've had or how they feel about it.


    I would put N/A in the search field, then in the pull down box, search in cabinet manufacturer.

    I think that should pretty much limit it to only direct rigs, if it doesn't then sort on the N/A fields to get the direct rigs them together.

    Then just select all the N/A rigs and type direct in the comments field and press enter.

    Alternatively, you can put in the search field ' DI' (that's just three characters space followed by a D followed by an I), then in the 'search in' drop down list, choose 'name', then in the display results drop down list, choose 'ending with search string'.

    Many profilers (topjimi for instance) put DI or M on the end of the names (like Masa Duo-Rec R 4M - be careful of the ones that just happen to end in 'm' (like Mars Askew 4 Tim), so you should be able to use the search as I've just described, and get merged or direct into the comments yourself. So with not too much work, you should be able to create a complete library with appropriate descriptions.