Rig Manager on my MacBook Pro doesn't communicate with my Kemper Profiler.

  • I need help. The Rig Manager on my MacBook Pro doesn't communicate with my Kemper Profiler. I spoke to Sweetwater who sold it to me
    a couple times and to Apple one time and have sent an e-mail to Kemper. So far no one has been able to make it work.

    There seems to be some Apple related protections that are blocking the unknown Kemper file extensions. There is suppose to a way to get
    the computer to allow the extensions but I can't seem to figure out how to do it.

    Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution? I would be grateful.


  • Try installing Rig Manager again as Administrator (Google is your friend).

    Also, make sure your Profiler OS is compatible with the Rig Manger version you're running (download page should have that info).

    When in doubt, try a different USB cable. Also, silly question but you ARE plugged in in the back correct?

    Good luck.

  • What year is is the MBP and which OS's are you running?

  • on my MBP from 2017
    I always have to unplug the USB Cable on th e>KPA side and replug it
    then it will be recognized by the KPA

    when I only plug the USB side on the Mac and leave the plug on the KPA side
    it will be not recognized.

    may be you have the same thing and I think you should plug it in that row before installing the driver just to make sure the kpa is seen during the
    install process

  • I`ve got the same Problems like David Margolis. My new MacBook Pro didn't communicate with the Kemper. Cable changing and other things doesn't help. Today I the IT Service from Apple will calling me. We´ll see if they find a solution for the Problem. The MacBook Pro is from 2017, OS High Sierra 10.13.3