The Graphic EQ as a allaround tool

  • Hi, been having my kemper for about 3/4 of a year now, and starting to go from scratching the surface to dive into the endless tweakability of this monster. What i mostly had a hard time figuring out, was getting the profiles to sound great and clear at high volumes trough a cab at bandpractice. We are playing really loud with a lot of gain. The other guitarist having a mesa boogie with an extreme clear sharp and aggressive tone. My profiles tended to end up too dark, with thin highs, even if it sounded really great at lower volumes at home.

    Then i found out that the graphic EQ was a really powerful tool. It was in a way able to get a much richer sound without changing the tone. I also started using the volume on the graphic EQ as a morph for solo boost. And now i kind of use it as preset on every rig. So i can do minor tweaks to the profiles for getting a sharper and richer tone.

    Question is, if the Graphic EQ and the way i use got any downsides? I'm still very new to this, and I've read from that the graphic EQ shouldn't be necessary. Am i limiting the tone by always driving it trough this effect?

  • First we need to know how You are using Your KPA:
    From what You write it sounds like You are using Your KPA with a guitar cab, is that correct?
    Have You a powered KPA or are You using another power amp to drive the cab?
    You say that the profiles sounds great at home, are You using the exact same cab? (and amp?)
    If not, how are You monitoring the KPA at home?

  • Yeah, i'm using it with a guitar cab. I got the powered rack. The cab i use at home is a different one, and I understand it will sound different with another cab, but it's like it's sounding too dark and thin at high volumes. Something i can't experiment with at home. Sp usually i get suprised when i go to practice. And therefor i'm fine-tuning it with the graphic EQ.

    The biggest question here for me is if the graphic EQ is a good thing to be using instead of the Stack-EQ. Becasue i'm using the graphic on most things now.

  • If it sounds good it is good. Your problem is not a new one. Even compared to relatively loud home practice volume levels, the sound change a lot when you are competing at the volume of a real drummer.

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  • When I am doing a DI profile of any of my amplifiers I do my best to completely get the tone and I want so I do not have to use the graphic or studio EQs at all as I find they slightly deteriorate the tone…
    Others might not find this, this is what I experience…