About to Profiling an amp...have a question...

  • Hey, I have a question about how to profile an amp.

    I got a 1980 Marshall JMP 50 watt.
    I normally go the route of....Guitar>tube screamer>front of head. and dial in the eq settings on the head until I smile.

    If I were to profile this amp, am using the signal that's including the tube screamer and leaving all the knobs on the head as they are?

    Am I normally setting up the amp to sound the way I like through the cab, then adding the Mic and following the steps to make the profile?

  • Hey brother, do you have the powered KPa profiler?
    The only reason why I ask is you did mention cabinet… Will you be playing directly from the camper into a guitar cabinet? If so, you might want to start out doing a direct profile, Which is just a profile of your head and tube screamer alone… It would not involve the microphone or a speaker cabinet in the chain.
    But everything you’ve mentioned makes perfect sense and yes, you can do exactly like you say, set it up the way you want it to sound and put a microphone on the cabinet… You will maybe have to try it a few times to find the right spot for the microphone to get the right results…
    Feel free to ask any questions,
    :thumbsup: I have all the answers! LOL
    Edit- - ^^^ I was JOKING^^^ Forget about having all the answers, I don’t even know how to ask the right questions!

  • Kemper is not powered. Was planning to use it with a cab for myself to hear behind me most of the time, unless I trust the sound guy, (which is not very often,) and wanted to send the signal out to the house system avoiding a mic.

    What's the best way to do that?

  • The most simple way you could do that would be to have FRFR monitor behind you on stage,( Full range flat response powered cabinet )that would run from the monitor out of the kemper, so you could hear yourself, then run straight out from the XLR to your soundboard… Done…
    Now, if you are talking about a real guitar amplifier cabinet, like a Marshall 4X 12 or something, then you will need a separate power amplifier to run into an Unpowered guitar cabinet…
    Hope I’ve answered your question… I use in ear monitors so I do not own a powered monitor cabinet, but I own many many guitar cabinets… LOL

  • I have a power amp that I'm using to power a Marshall 4x12 for myself to hear on stage. Ideally, I wanted to have a cab signal going to the house board, and a regular guitar signal going to the 4x12.
    Any ideas how to do that?

  • You run an instrument cable from MONITOR OUTPUT on the back of your Kemper into the input of your power amp. Then go into OUTPUT menu and check “monitor cab off”. This will allow FOH to receive the full profile, and your 4x12 will have the cab section off.