NI Rammfire profiles up

  • I feel so guilty. Downloaded Native Instruments' Rammfire demo, profiled it, then uninstalled it. Does that make me a bad person? 8o

    Three cabinet variations, "A", "B" and "AB", with and without 50% "Air" for a total of six profiles.

    Enjoy the sweet, delicate sounds of Richard Z. Kruspe's Rammstein Recto and his 4x12 cabs. This is the go-to "Init" preset.


  • I'd like to see vst and modeler profiles more clearly labeled in the rig exchange.
    I got excited seeing two new bassman profiles and dl'd them, then realized they were from the Axefx.

    Rammfire is also pretty bad, so please, if you continue to profile vsts, could you put 'VST' before the profile name to separate them from the profiles takes from real amps? That would make browsing the rig exchange easier/clearer.

    thank you.

    Rammfire is from NI

  • I hear you. With the KPA being $2k, I bought this with the intention of profiling and using profiles of high end amps - VST's and other modelers are just below the station in my opinion. No disrespect to the poster intended.

  • Feel free not to download, guys. I'll edit the comment fields to mention their VST origins when I have a minute. By their titles, I thought it seemed rather obvious...

    I find the two plugs I posted (Rammfire and Dammit) interesting for a few reasons, which I'll note here:

    1) First, they're both "signature artist" plugs. Like it or not, that's interesting and it's a starting point for noobs to compare against. This alone is sufficient to justify the profiles.
    2) Second, the company behind Dammit (MasonSoft) is no longer active. So, for archival purposes "Dammit" is a piece of history and I can't think of any other company (besides NI) who has made such a bold tonal claim. It's unique.
    3) Profiling those two plugs was technically interesting for me, and I don't like to see good work go unshared. They were done with care, and sound pretty true to the originals. Plus, their cabs are useful with other amps.

    I'd like to point out that there are literally dozens of honest-to-god tube amp profiles that I will probably never use, yet I have not complained about them. And there are several profiles of modelled equipment in the Exchange that I do find interesting. There will undoubtedly be others.

    As owners of a Universal Amp, we all all have the right to collect our favorite gear into one place and streamline our studios. Maybe in the future there will be better ways to categorize this stuff, but right now we're really lacking in the file editing department.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I've got a friend right now who's selling his tube recording head for an Eleven rack because he couldn't get a good sound out of it. And he's right - it was a poor sounding design.


  • Thanks for uploading these :thumbup: