External effects - Eventide Eclipse, TC G major 2

  • I keep reading about Kemper effects, and how some folks feel the need to use an external processor, as they consider the Kemper effects not as good as they require.
    So, in my boredom, and thirst for knowledge :) I think the Eventide Eclipse & the TC G major 2, seem to be worthy considerations.

    I will stress, I'm quite happy with the Kemper effects, but if my sound can be improved by using another effect unit, I'll think about it.

    These two units are way apart in terms of price, but in realistic terms, would you actually notice that much difference in sound quality, and secondly, would you 'really' need the infinite scope that the Eventide offers?

    Would it be easy enough to programme the Kemper to use effects on an external unit?

    Does anyone have working knowledge of both of these units, in order to give an informed view?

  • I had a G-System that I used for a while to run effects and MIDI-control channel-switching on my H&K Triamp MKII, it worked like a dream. The effects were better than the Kemper, sure. No way around it. But for me, not worth running anything outboard. For recording, I can do whatever I want in my DAW better anyway. For live...who the hell is going to hear the difference in quality? Now if I was playing at a different level, I might think differently.

    And I know this is pretty antithetical to the gearhead creed, but I am a recovering tube amplifier addict, I have weaned myself down to buying excessive amounts of profiles, and I hope someday to drop that down to just a couple of those a week. :D

    For me, just like the KPA is at least 95% of the way there in terms of "tone", it's pretty much there for me for the effects as well. Especially now that we have the new reverbs coming out soon and we know the overdrives/et al are going to be reworked as well.

    So yeah...that doesn't really answer your question at all I guess...

    And truthfully, if I had the cash to throw around, I might change my mind. I like gear, and getting different setups together...and that G-System did sound phenomenal.

    But as to the crux of your question:

    ...but in realistic terms, would you actually notice that much difference in sound quality, and secondly, would you 'really' need the infinite scope that the Eventide offers?

    I doubt it. But my answer is the same for the TC vs. the KPA.

    Disclaimer: When I post demo clips for profiles, there will be some minimal post-processing, unless stated otherwise. I normally double-track hard L/R, and add to the main buss a small amount of EQ and a limiter/comp set pretty light as well. Sometimes I get test profiles in advance of release, though 90% of my clips will be from packs I have purchased.

  • As long as you're not getting swamped with debt, I see absolutely nothing wrong with trying out new gear.

    That's not a reflection of how good the Kemper is. Rather, it is a reflection of how much good stuff there is out there.

    I think if we all set "when the audience can tell the difference" as the benchmark for our tone, there'll never be those "oh wow" moments when we hear some guy with absolutely amazing tone.

    And when that happens, everyone is chasing that holy grail tone. That is, until the next awesome sound comes out.

    While GAS can be a mental disease, it's important to note that sometimes gear is used in unconventional ways that set the standard for a piece of gear. Steve Vai's Ballerina is an example of this. There's even a preset of his delay in the Kemper. But Vai didn't tread the beaten path when he did it.

    The Kemper is indeed an excellent tone engine, with great FX. But as guitarists, we should never be satisfied. Just look at all the feature requests for better OD/DS stomps in the Kemper, for example.

    Just goes to show that even though the Kemper is 95% of the way there (which most audiences will see as 100%), there are a lot among us who would be very, very happy if we could get that additional 5%.

    If that means getting extra gear to use with the Kemper, do it by all means. The Eventides are excellent processors by all accounts. If you decide to part ways with it down the line, you could easily recover most of the cost too.

    That said, listen to some examples of the Eventide sounds and see if you can't do most of what you need with the Kemper delays ;)

  • I actually did get a TC G Major 2, and it has some really nice delays & reverbs, but the chorus is pretty awful, not a patch (excuse the pun) on the Kemper.
    The TC 'does' add more dimensions to the delay & reverb options, and it fills up that space in a 4 unit rack ... :)
    I can also see the tuner's 'in-tune' indicator easier than the Kemper's, old swine that I am.

    Nice subjective post 'Nightlight', some great points you raised. :)