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    Not impressed either..sure ...maybe I am biased..but still..sound a lot like what I hear from their plug ins..

    It uses the same tech they develop their plugins with...I'm sure there will be a wider tonal variety, so I don't think it's fair to say that if you don't like the plugins, you won't like the unit...but the heavier more modern stuff will sound more or less like what they have. The "Capture" algo is really the unknown.

    I can see how someone wouldn't like their plugs, but for anything modern, I absolutely love them.

    I doubt that very seriously. They are obviously using pre-orders as a source of manufacturing capital, but I see no reason to suspect they are using it for "R&D".

    I solved my pc noise issues after I realized it was usb that was the culprit (for my setup). Breaking the usb earth loop, isolating the usb power (from pc usb port) and for powered usb devices, using external low noise linear 5V power supplies did the job for me.

    There are some tools out there.

    Thanks for this post. I've done some reading and some asking, but mostly get pretty broad or vague suggestions (try shielded cable, etc). This sounds much more like what I'm dealing with. I'm going to be building a new PC soon, is it ok to hit you up then and pick your brain just a little on the topic?

    I have a lot of the Neural stuff, Nolly/Plini/Abasi/Parallax, they are pretty fantastic. I have some power supply/PC noise issues, so I have trouble with my own DIs, but when I get DIs to mix, I often prefer the Neural stuff to the Kemper. as easy as the KPA is to re-amp, it's so much easier in a vst.

    This unit might help with my noise issues, and if it sounds any better than Neural's current stuff, it'll be a no-brainer for me.

    First hardware that has me seriously interested since the Kemper was released.

    Where, exactly?

    All over the forum just a while after the Stages stated shipping? It's been pretty common. It's understandable that they may have to make some adjustments in the manufacturing process, building things people get drunk and stomp on has got to be difficult.

    To be fair, your issue is with Thomann, not Kemper. Just because Thomann, a third-party reseller, was running a discount on the product, doesn’t mean that Kemper are obliged to do the same. Yes, you had a very unlucky experience with Thomann and the Stage, but that can happen to anybody purchasing any piece of gear from a giant retailer overseas and shouldn’t have any bearing on the manufacturer’s own retail service and practice. Sure, you getting two defective units in a row reflects badly on the build quality and quality control at Kemper, but after the first unit was a defect, Thomann really should have checked the replacement before sending it out.
    I feel sorry for you, I do, but your anger towards Kemper for anything other than shoddy build quality/quality control is misplaced.

    I do not agree. Kemper is selling the units to Thomann at a low-enough price that they can then put it on sale and still make money. Kemper has no obligation no, but it would have been the right thing to do, and they would have made more money than if he buys another from Thomann. If even one person reads this and does not buy a Kemper because they also agree, then it was very foolish of Kemper to not work with the customer.

    Agreed, Brother Ash. <3

    To me Ivan's the Mojo Guy™. IMHO his Profiles are less-sterile / more-organic-sounding / have more mojo than the vast majority of vendors, and I often give him the credit he thoroughly deserves for this. 8)

    I really agree Nicky, there is one other here certainly who I put in the same league, he and Ivan are in a different class than almost everyone else in the game.

    I've been using your Herbie pack live lately Cili. It is wonderful. Thank you for all you've contributed to this community.

    Edit: Before you ask Nicky, yes I do have the JVM pack. And it is amazing. :D

    True.For sure they have other priorities.But these priorities are not "for them" but what @CK believes are more useful and important for his customers..strange enough that some of his customers can't see this.

    In any case Kemper did very well acknowledged that now with all the new features an editor is useful and for this reason it will come soon.Right now it is a priority.No doubt.

    I'm not going to try to parse that first half out. I don't mean to be rude, maybe there is a language barrier here, but it is nonsense in English.

    For the second part, let's go play- by-play:

    "In any case Kemper did very well acknowledged that now with all the new features an editor is useful"

    Unless by "new features" you mean bending down to the floor, I'm a little unsure as to what new features you're talking about that would have convinced Kemper to finally acknowledge that playing a little catch up in an area in which they have been getting their ass handed to them for years is..."useful"? That's mighty big of them.

    "Right now it is a priority."

    Not in the sense that a corporate board would consider it a priority, no it isn't. Do you think there's a tech company stateside who would let this go so long past announcement without firing every single person in the chain of command?

    But CK runs this show, and that's fine and it often means things will take a while. I'm perfectly happy for whenever the Editor does or does not drop. But why do so many people here insist that Kemper is making a lateral play, when it's clearly a fumble???

    I don't need an editor. I have ToastMe. I don't use that. The bass knob takes up 90% of my fiddling with the unit, I'm not a tweaker. Kemper owed us nothing. But they had to release the Stage, I get it, but to release it with no editor was a terribly bad decision from a PR standpoint.

    K, I'll be back next month. Ya'll be good.

    Lol... Anyone else see the irony of the mis-edited quote in 7string's post up there?

    For anyone who thinks Software Development is easy- I'd love to see what you can do. Hell, assemble a team if you want. Make it even bigger than the Software team at Kemper too.

    Give them some slack. This isn't easy.

    I do agree with you, and don't really care when the Editor comes, and you're right, it isn't easy. Seeing as I'm as likely as likely to assemble a large Software Dev team as you are to be posting from the moon tomorrow, I'm not really sure that's relevant. In fact, I am sure that is not.

    This isn't easy, but it's also nothing special or extraordinary, Kemper has a history of unfulfilled release dates and they are just playing catchup with everyone else now. This one of the problems of expecting things from a company that has one owner, or is smaller and private; there are no hard deadlines. They aren't exactly cooking rocket science in there...this is 100% a top-town mgmt issue. And I say, who cares (except for the Stage guys, they are being slightly shafted by now)

    If the editor was a true priority financially or otherwise, it would take not nearly as much time, and it would be done. I mean Damien did it in his free time through MIDI...but I don't blame them for not hiring it all out. I have a Kemper, a digital amp that I bought about 2 years ago, it's worth as least as much now as it was then, and had barely lost resale before I bought it. I don't have another digital device, let along a digital amp, that I can say the same for. So I am a very happy customer, and the only thing I deserve from them is to be treated fairly if a support issue ever arrises, and it seems clear the they are good with that. So I am set, everything else is gravy.

    most of the time a listen AOR/Melodic Hard Rock,sometimes i like to listen Heavy Metal or Gothic Metal.

    Ever listen to Dayseeker or Sleep Token? Both excellent melodic heavy rock bands that I just heard of.

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