Delay update

  • hi guys, I've had my kemper 3 years but I'm really not a tech guy. I've got about 10 presents I regularly use.

    I love the straight times so much I don't use much effects at all.

    I watched a vid on YouTube the other day with a guy using crystal Delay, and thought I'd experiment with it.
    Thing is... I've got the latest updates via rig manager
    But I can't find the new delays. If I load the profile from the delay 5.1 update it works, but the delays don't appear to be on my kemper....
    I've read they wouldn't install via rig manager and it had to be done by usb stick, but don't know where the update is.
    I'm now worried I've missed other stuff too.?

    What do I need to do ?

    Thanks guys!!!

  • I sussed it out in the end.
    I'm so used to using rig manager for every thing I didn't realise I had to manual carry out the update.

    I thought because the 5.1 update demo profiles loaded and worked in rig manager that the fx should be on my kemper but that wasnt the case.

    Is it me or does anyone else think the pitch shift sounds are crap. As in the shifted notes sound unstable with a bit or warbling ??
    I really expected the pitch shifted sounds to really track well. My biggest disappointment with the kemper.

  • Are you using it before distortion / gain?

    Obviously it, and any pitch shifter for that matter, is gonna struggle to analyse and correct a guitar tone if it's mangled by gain. All those additional harmonics and waveform distortions only serve to confuse / make life more-difficult for detection algorithms.

    Non-realtime analysis and implementation in, say, a DAW, might well yield smoother results depending upon the intelligence of the algorithm involved, but in a real-time situation, best to feed it the least-confusing signal possible.