Kemper and audio interface set up

  • Hi Guys

    Just want some feedback on my kemper /Laptop pc/ audio interface set up

    So my gear is Kemper , Apollo Twin Interface , HP Laptop,powered Atomic CLR Neo Cab so guitar goes into kemper input via 1/4 inch ts , and from apollo twin 2 TRS cables from output L and R go into kemper alternative input and return input then XLR cable from Main Monitor output Right to Input 1 on atomic CLR

    The kemper sounds amazing especially after purchasing tills cablab pack all profiles came to life but when i play backing tracks via this set up the audio doesn't seem correct am i missing something here any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



  • hi tgeoknzg

    one more question I'm monitoring the kemper via a single xlr cable from main output R to input 1 of my powdered atomic clr neo if I added a other xlr cable from main output L to input 2 on the clr atomic clr neo would it improve the sound.



  • it would only make sense if you listen to it in stereo - as your speaker is mono this should‘nt make a difference (as long as your output is set to mono.

    usually if you use a stereo device as mono you should take the left channel, not the right. but if the kemper output is set to mono this shouldn‘t make a difference..

  • Hmmm, I dont get this setup. Maybe I misunderstood.

    Why do you go from the apollo into the kemper?

    My setupt is kemper mainouts to interface. Interface outs to monitors. Interface usb to laptop. So I record in stereo into my daw.

    I use monitorout mono to my frfr. That’s it.

    When playing and recording I hear my monitors in stereo and if I like I switch my frfr on to have more punch in the room.

  • hi elzezupp

    yea I'll try cable up your way another question on the kemper output section output add-on s page 5 does the pure cab parameter make an frfr speaker more like a traditional cab or what is its function

  • Shut down pure cab in the output section. If it’s on there the function is globally on every rig you load. If you like to set purecab, set it by rig. You find this parameter in the cab section. Play and rise up purecab and hear what happens. I use purecab when I hear some harsh frequencies in the sound. But never higher than prox. 4,5. it’s very useful. I know that some users set it globally and forget it but that is not the idea begind this cool feature. It has nothing to do with an amp in the room sound or making your frfr sound like a real cab. An frfr never sounds like a real cab because it isn’t a real cab. This feature can make your rig sound better or not. Set it to your!!! taste.