Have a Kemper arriving in a few days, will my interface suffice?

  • I have a cheap Behringer UMC22 and it works fine

    I'm sure people will say you have to buy a $700 interface, but this is just IMHO and YMMV etc.

    Some people swear by SPDIF, others (check forums or google) here say that the difference between analog and SPDIF is too indistinguishable to tell.

    I use MOTU 2408 MKIIIs and Behringer ADA8200 expanders for the preamps, but I also own a "cheap" UMC 404 which sounds great and has very low latency for a USB interface. The mic pres don't suck either.

    If anybody needs an inexpensive interface for a home studio or something portable for a laptop you can do a lot worse than one of Behringer's UMC interfaces. Built like a tank as well. That's my opinion anyway.

  • Yep, BarfRInger certainly has come a long way, baby.

    In the early days you had to buy two of everything in case something broke. Repair efforts were often useless due to the company's decision, in the interests of cheap mass-production, to employ surface-mount technology to the nth degree.