Using a Wireless Guitar Unit w/ the Kemper...

  • Ii use the GLDX receiver mounted on a pedalboard with the Stage profiler and TWO packs for different guitars. Works like a charm so long as only ONE pack is turned on at a time. You can do up to six, according to Shure. Never had a dropout.

  • I recently got the Yamaha THR30II Wireless. It has a Yamaha wireless receiver built-in so I had to get a Line 6 G10 transmitter to go with it.

    That works great with the Yamaha THR30II.

    While I was at it, I got the Line 6 G10S system because it uses the same G10T transmitter.

    I could have gotten the Yamaha G10 system for $50 USD less but it's not much smaller, and it sets the channel automatically.

    The extra money for the G10S system gives me double the range (100 ft compared to 50 ft) and "Cable Tone" and you can set the channel manually if you want.

    I was playing outside an assisted living center and the staff yelled down from the balcony, "We can hear your guitar inside! It's coming through our sound system." I guess someone had left a wireless receiver on and connected to their PA system. It was great to be able to switch to a different channel and solve the problem.

    I can power the receiver with a USB battery like this for at least 3-4 hours. Had a couple of these lying around so I didn't have to buy them specifically for this application.

    So far, the G10S has been great.

  • I was a G90 user for maybe about 10 years, aside from the mentioned battery connection problems it was a really great system. However, in the last few years I've found that data networks and other 2.4ghz network connected systems in venues can cause serious issues, I've had to go back to analogue to stop my guitar from going silent intermittently for 10-20 seconds at a time.

    The Soundcraft 2.4ghz mixers in particular do not play well at all with Line 6, and as soon as all the mobile phones come out in the audience then it's game over.

  • I had issues with two Smoothhound systems after the owner was kind enough to send a 2nd unit, but got a G50 that has been working generally. I am still a bit nervous about these Wireless devices after so many cutouts in the past though.

    I kept my analog Sennheiser G2 for backup, but could never work out if it is still legal and in which countries.