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    Just like drummer that builds the ultimate double bass drum kit and six months later they've gone all "John Bonham" with a 4-piece and a couple of cymbals. My back is very grateful for the advent of Kemper.

    I hope your ingenuity gives you some great results on the cheap.

    However, if it doesn't work out, there is always the Focusrite Scarlett Solo currently at £82. They have great preamps for the price and there are probably other brands just as good. Gone are the days when you had to make a major investment for an interface.

    He probably means with separate paths, amps and effects.

    Personally, the more complicated things get, the less I am interested. Metronomes and multiple routing features won't improved the tone and IR based modellers just cannot compete with a Kemper.

    There is already a Quad Cortex for these complicated setups, but the Kemper is primarily a robust amplifier that is both roadworthy and good for recording.

    I think you're right about the coding Alan, not to mention the inevitable call for both Mac & PC versions in AAX, VST etc. It was more of an unrealistic wish really.

    I do use Helix Native I got as a result of buying an HX Stomp. However, the core tone of modellers with IRs never quite stack up to the sound of a Kemper and I usually have to go back and reamp an album I'm working on. That means 2 rhythm parts if I'm lucky and 4 at other times, which will take a good deal of time.

    A Kemper plugin is not available because of the obvious pirating of software I guess. This is a real shame, as it would save loads of time in not having to reamp all the guitar parts on an album. Also I could leave the Kemper rack ready for live shows.

    Boot up time seems slow, but there are plenty of other things to set up while that is happening. Profilers and Modellers are really computers, so they will never match the speed of old rack preamps like the Prophesy, or JMP-1.

    You must try double tracker in kemper, that effect make a decent work simulating stereo double track on live guitars

    I was skeptical about the double tracker, but have now used it for plenty of shows with great success. Also it makes the in ears sound really nice. Looseness 4, stereo 100 and detune 0. Our engineer is more than happy.

    Personally I always prefer one amp source, but you can try the Stereo Widener to get the 2 amp sound. This subtracts a frequency from one side and boosts the same frequency on the opposite side.

    Using eq with visual reference is something I've been moving away from recently. It is brilliant for finding problem frequencies and notching out something ugly, but I am making better decisions by using conventional plugins with no visual influence.

    Leave the squash control at 0 if you want a standard compressor. It is more like a shape of the compression, either more or less in the immediate decay. The other controls speak for themselves.

    It has always been fine for me, but maybe that's just because it suits what I wanted in the first place.

    A touch screen,

    built in class a/b solid state stereo power amp

    A blocked grid layout for advanced routing with option for simple signal chain layout and enough power to have at least 1 of every effect type

    This is exactly the problem for Kemper; everyone wants something different.

    I'd settle for no screen with just a volume control and Kemper logo on the front, which would bring down production costs. It could still have all the ins and outs on the back. That way we could get it into a 1u rack and control from a phone or computer.

    Of course I wouldn't be against an update of the modulation section, but it has always been good enough on the whole.

    The only thing I really found wanting was a slicer effect. The tremolo doesn't do that.

    If I was buying new today I would still buy the Powered Kemper although I may opt for the rack version instead of my toaster (even though the toaster is a design classic in my eyes). I’m not a fan of the pedalboard form factor with all cabling and power to the front of stage.

    I agree with you on the design classic being the toaster, but I had to get a rack for touring.

    It would be interesting to know the percentage of powered Kemper sold in recent years and what the reasons were for not selling a powered Stage.

    I found that the only way I could make a good judgement on transpose effects was to record both. I had The Drop and Kemper after the major update to reduce latency.

    At the time I felt The Drop felt slightly lower latency, but the Kemper sounded a bit more natural. That was mostly on 1-3 semitones up or down.

    Did anyone actually measure latency between the various options?