Reducing latency with the kemper?

  • I'm currently reading up on various websites about the best way to reduce latency.

    It's currently not a massive problem, but of course, I'm keen to ensure that all my takes are as tight and accurate as possible.

    What tips to the kemper community have in order to reduce latency when recording guitars?

    My setup is Kemper via SPDIF, Focusrite Saffire Pro, MixControl Routing Software, Logic running on a MacBook Pro 16Gb RAM. Although any advice doesn't need to be tailored just to my setup, would happily read about general methods to reduce latency.

    I may be over paranoid but I'm just getting into home recording and I'm keen to learn the right way and reduce errors and mistakes quickly.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and of course for helping me with other issues I have posted about.

    Wasn't sure where to place this thread. It could also go into "problems" or into "other gear". I figured this would fall under "tips" but if any moderators disagree I apologise and feel free to move it into the correct section.

  • I'd forget about monitoring through Logic, David; half your battles are won through this decision alone.

    Route the incoming KPA signal within the interface to exit an output (or two, if stereo) if you have a means of mixing that signal "on the side" with Logic's main output.

    If you don't have a small mixer you can achieve this with, route that signal to appear at the same outputs on your interface as Logic; that way it'll all go direct-to-monitors.

    This routing I speak of should be possible using Focusrite's control software, and it shouldn't affect the input choices that appear in Logic, so you'll still be able to record the incoming KPA signal as-normal.

  • Thanks Monkey_Man . After doing a bit of reading last night this is the conclusion that I came to, although you have just reassured my thought process by confirming it. Hope to give this a bash this weekend.

    MixControl does have options of routing audio, although at the moment it seems a bit complicated. Hopefully that'll change once I've actually done it.

    Not worried about latency at the mixing stage, just want my takes to be as tight as possible.

    Thanks once again.

  • No worries, brother.

    Once you've figured out how to do that routing in MixControl (I can't guide you 'cause I'm a MOTU user, but it should be self-explanatory within the app), you'll no longer need to worry about it 'cause it'll stick through power cycles and reboots of the 'puter as well.

    If there's an option to "Save Configuration" within the app, do this and name it in a way that describes your routing - something like "Default + KPA Monitoring". This way it'll be a simple matter of loading the config should it become altered / corrupted accidentally.