The Sin and The Sentence - Trivium; Profile Wanted!

  • Hey guys!

    Quite new to this whole thing, barely scratched the surface of this little beauty of a lunchbox and I'm absolutely blown away.

    I've been chasing a tone close to Trivium's new album and I've gotten quite close with some EVH 5150 MKIII 100 / EVH5153 profiles from ReampZone and Cililabs, but I feel that I'm not getting that punchy sound that I want. Don't get me wrong, the profiles sound absolutely great on their own but I'd want some more punch. Haven't been able to dial that in as of yet, but I've just had my Kemper for a month.

    Any profiles that come closer to Triviums sound, or do you guys have any advice on how to further dial it in to get more punch and attack without the sound getting too muddy and floppy?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Yes a good advice to get more punch is a....drumroll....bass guitar. No really. If you had the multitracks you would immediatly hear the punch comes from bass and not guitars. So much important is the bass.

  • I hear you GearJocke and that's absolutely true, but I'm not getting close to the punch-iness Matthew has during his live streams when its only his guitar and his kemper. :/ Spent last night trying to match his sound and I get close - minus the punch, if I try to eq it further it sounds awful ?(

  • should i try a matching again ? like i said sadly it will not be 100% because the amp settings and the gutiar is not the same and the kemper cab maker sadly changes the macht ir also quite a bit ... but i try it if you want to

  • Will give that a try GearJocke  :):thumbup:

    Matthew uses EMG 81/85 pickups while I have the 81/60 EMG's, same shape and wood in the guitars nakedzen  :)

    Bommel I'd be honored if you want to spend even more time on helping me out! :saint: That bass profile you made me is a killer! Been playing so much bass the last couple of hours my missus is pissed! ^^8o

    Eltzejupp I'm currently using two Yammy HS8:s, I know they're not top of the line but to my ear they sound amazing so I don't think the problem is on that end! :) I still lack that sort of "a fist in the face" kind of punch that I got out of my previous amp :(

  • weeeell this is a rather loose try to match the actual tone…1-29%2023-13-42.kipr?dl=0

    he said in an interview that it is basically a 5150 I, II or III ... so i took one of my 6505 profiles

    it is hard to find a reference tone that doesn't consists out of more layers, or is in a bad quality


    i tried my very best :D i hope you like the profile man :D

  • ... i think you have the turn up the presence on my profile up a bit more but yeah ^^( i already updated it )

  • hey thanks so much Popes666 matt heafy has also a twitch channel so idk write him in the chat maybe hew shares the porfile or at least his live tone ^^ my problem is, i found some studio singletracks but they are mixed out of different tones, and the live tone is either pretty clanky or smooth so that varied also when i looked for the sound ... so yeah :D

  • For what it’s worth, I have the profile used on vengeance. It was a profile done by Colin Richardson and Andy sneap: 5153 into a krank 4x12 with a db112 and an AT 250DE I believe. That is the tone on vengeance, and was the profile they were using live for the last few years. The tone by itself was a bit dark for Corey’s taste, so he has done some EQ to boost some of the higher frequencies and cut some low mids. It works well with Matt’s tone because of his 81s being brighter than Corey’s blackouts. They are now using a well known profilers profiles live. I won’t Say whose, But he does tons of amps, mostly high gain, and they are all merged format :). However live, no cabs are used on stage by trivium