Performance Transpose

  • I might just be missing something really obvious but........

    I was at a rehearsal last night and the band do a couple of songs that should be in E in D so the riffs don't transpose well manually. Using the transpose function to take the sound down a tone while still playing in E works a treat. However, in a situation like this the whole song is transposed not just one section. Therefore, during rehearsal I had to quickly create a duplicate performance then transpose each slot down a tone individually and re save the new performance. It would have been much easier to be able to transpose a whole performance rather than individual slots. Is this already possible (without inserting a transpose Effect in the X slot and locking it)? If not it would be a great addition.

  • I'm not familiar with performance mode but I've never read about such an option, so yeah your request makes sense to me. But besides that it's always best to place the transpose effect directly behind the guitar signal (unless you're using transpose within the rig menu), which means slot A. As you already know, locking it is a quick solution to your problem. And from what I've read recently you can quickly unlock it again. The only downside is that slot A would be occupied by transpose in all your rigs.

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  • Yes, I was using it in the rig menu. I generally have a Wah locked in A in all rigs but could manually move it to another location. However, I have the toe switch on my Mission pedal set to turn Stomp A on/off so I would need to reconfigure that to Stomp B also. Not a bit deal but a bit more hassle than I would like.

    Ideally I would like to have Standard, Eb and D performances set up. I only use Eb and d for a few specific songs and often you don’t find that out until the singer starts and decides it’s out of his range in E. It’s much better for the whole band to come down a semi tone or tone and have the vovcals comfortable and powerful than try to force the singer to hit notes that aren’t in his range. So while the current optins work and a Stomp early in the chain would also work it would definitely be a useful addition to be able to instantly apply transpose to a whole performance.

  • Transpose on kemper is really fine for a whole step and very authentic (maybe 2 steps but I'd look at alternatives at that point); I suggest using the Rig menu itself (and not use the transpose stomp) and just cycle through the performance rigs and transpose. Just remember to change it back once you get home. :)

    I had to do this last week and took the time to add the transpose stomp to every rig, lol. I didn't realize till now the transpose option is right there; kindly included in the rig menu; doh!