• I have noticed that in the latest firmware release I no longer see a notification on the Kemper that I set a rig as a favourite when I hold down the Rig button for a few seconds (it seems to change but there is no pop up said g that it did) Has this changed or is it a bug? It also seems to take a lot longer for it to register as a favourite when I go into the Rig menu and select it using the soft button.

    Anyone else notice this?

  • the overlay for assigning a favourite sometimes shows up so briefly that it becomes unnoticable depending on which other tasks the PROFILER might be running in the background. This has been the case since we introduced the feature and is not related to the current version.

    You can verify that you have successfully assigned a rig to be a favourite by either looking at the favourite list or by looking for the Asterisk on the right side of the display that indicates a favourite rig.

  • I do see the asterisk on the right. It seems slower to register than previous? Or is it just me, lol

    I have now tried about a dozen profiles and not a single one had the pop up display. These were rigs without any effects on them. Seems odd i would not see at least a few pop up?

    Perhaps there is a way to make the pop up stay on screen longer?

    One other annoying thing is when there is a long name and we have dots after it ... its very hard to discern the asterisk from the dots.

  • Ok, not a big deal. I just found it odd that I no longer see it and prior I did. Not going to lose sleep over it.

    Might as well take that pop up out completely and come up with a better visual for a favourite, I would think.