Did the Clean-Sens effectivity change with recent firmware updates?

  • I noticed that I am not able anymore to level-balance clean vs overdriven tones. Even if I turn CLEAN SENS down to -12, clean tones are waaaayyy louder than overdriven tones. As soon as I start to up the gain on a clean or breakup-type of tone, the volume starts to drop significantly.

    AFAIR, this has been an issue for me before but could be solved by turning down CLEAN SENS. Now it's not.

  • I typically always need to run mine around -7 or -8 to get a good balance between clean and dirty without tweaking each rig individually. It's always been that way for me though. I got my Kemper in Feb 2018 and the one thing that jumped out at my when I demoed it in the shop with my own guitar was how crazy loud the clean sounds were. I didn't know about things like clean sense when demoing in the shop so I literally had to turn down the master volume by a massive amount every time I called up a clean sound that day.

    I used to also worry about having clean sense low enough to stop the input LED going into the red but I have recently convinced my self this isn't anything to worry about so I just focus on trying to balance the levels between clean and dirty. Even t -8 I can make the LED go RED with hard picking but it doesn't seem to have any detrimental effect on the converters clipping so I'm much more chilled about it now.