A fuller sound through lower octave

  • I like the pitch-dependent octave shift idea. This kind of "octave below F#" programming could also provide the opposite, especially if adding a mix control - Octave up below F#, providing Nashville tuning, and a 12-string kind of sound.

    Excellent extension Paul :)

    The ability to determine the threshold note would be critical, for example when one uses a capo - or a transposer.
    I often find myself using a capo on the V fret, in which case the G (as on the third open string) should be considered a bass/root note as well (or the higher A for a capo at the VII).

  • I used this feature with the Boss SY 300. You could dial in a high and low filter to manipulate a specific range of notes, would be cool if KPA could do this (maybe those filters for the FX slots itself, you could use the existing harmonizer and manipulate the uneffected strings also with any FX you like. Or range of...:/)

  • Since the algo has pitch discrimination already, I imagine an improved 12 string emulator is possible. An implementation where all pitches below a threshold note are raised an octave and all those above are doubled, with adjustable detuning, would result in an improved 12 string emulation over what is currently possible.