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    I am not yet on the new KAOS (busy performing, don't want to touch anything as of now) so could not experience things in person. But I've read from several, unrelated people that when they add a liquid tonestack to an existing profile the sound changes even before they touch any control.
    From reading the manual this should not be the case?


    The Amp Model will not color the sound at all as long as the controls remain at their original position. But once the Gain or EQ controls are moved, they will change the sound exactly as they would on the original tube amp.

    OTOH, a few lines before this, it also reads

    The workaround for this is quite easy. Just name your stack section preset in a similar way than your effect section preset so that you know the two go together. I get that the extra 3 seconds it takes for loading 2 preset strips instead of one are an inconvenience to some, but there are so many other things to improve and features to be implemented, is this really the hill we want to die on?

    Jed, mate... chill down :D
    This is the Feature Requests forum, not Hamburger Hill - The Return!

    I am aware of how to use the Profiler and its current features. If you re-read the OP you'll see that most entries of my list relate to preset management from within RM.

    I heavily rely or presets with my KPA, and it's sad to me to see how this powerful feature is poorly managed (even from the machine itself). One for all, AFAIK: you can create presets with a same name (which is bad, to clarify), no option to update, overwrite or delete one.
    Personally, I believe Kemper have just abandoned the concept after its initial implementation... which is a pity for me.

    Just to be clear.. I'm not angry with You.. I just don't get why You'd prefer everything togheter.. please explain.

    Well, I sure as hell hope not! :D

    Just because it's practical, and helps you remember what goes with what.

    Recalling one preset from the device doesn't just take one click, you have to select the section of interest and scroll through the presets. If Stomps' are separated from Effects' you

    • will have to repeat the procedure
    • will have to recall which Effects preset would go with which Stomps preset in order to rebuild that specific "pedalboard".

    As I wrote you can get the same result by saving a rig (maybe with no Stack section), then apply the Stack you intend. But IMO/IME this is a sub-optimal use of the concept of presets in the Profiler, which is very powerful although - again - quite poorly implemented IMO

    You can no longer save the stomps/stack/effects sections on the head or rack. At one point, you could but they stayed on the unit.

    Very doubtful they'll bring it back, but it'd be a nice option.

    Holy sh*t you are right, I had not used the function during covid and apparently they did it "as a thief in the night"... wonder when. As for the why, it has probably been in order to allign the functions across the models... :/

    yes, but why You need all 8 Togheter ?

    I use the same Stomp group with 3 or 4 different Effects Group and more or less the contrary as well.

    Why should I have to Save all the possible combinations (with specific names to remind them all) when I can chose just two times: 1 for Stomps + 1 for Effects.

    Just To save You 1 Click ?? ( in RM )

    I Agree with the Request! has been already requested befeore If I don't go wrong, but I don't see the Need of All 8 At the Same time.

    Well, discussing a FR on the basis of something you don't need won't bring us anywhere ;D
    Anyway, you don't have to do anything :)


    even if I'm not sure I'd like all 8 at once: Stomps and Effects (4 and 4) both availables also Via Rig Manager Would be already cool enough.

    Keep in mind that with the Stage you can't even save the Stomps or Effects groups as a single preset. Unlocking this feature in RM might be very useful to Stage users.

    I'd find very useful if it was possible to:

    • Save the 8 effects slots all together as a single preset (I'd call that a pedalboard preset).
      Currently, we have to save a rig as a template for the task.
    • Recall Stomps section and Effects section presets from Rig Manager.
      Unless I've been missing something, I can't find them anywhere (in RM).
    • Recall pedalboard presets from within Rig Manager.
    • In fact, recall any kind of presets that the device allows to save, from within Rig Manager.

    Thanks for your attention

    Save them as Rigs with any old Amp and Cab you want.ale these favourites or create a pedal board folder so they are always easy to find.

    Since even on the Lunchbox it's not possible to save Stomps and Effects at the same time, I do this but keep Stack section empty. This feels neater to me and helps me remembering it's an fx "preset" :)

    Too bad RM doesn't allow to recall Stomps or Effects presets...

    What I'd like to see:

    • Freedom to place fx slots before and after the Amp module;
    • Quantization on the looper
    • At least double capacity on looping time
    • An octaver to be applied on some strings only (other brands already do this)
    • A synth module
    • Clear specifications about a rig being Studio, DI, Merged, Liquid
    • More filtering options for the rigs, the amps and the cabs (Merged, DI, Studio, Liquid) in Browser mode

    I'd support the idea of changing your audio interface. I've been using my KPA with an RME Fireface via SPDIF, and everything has been working flawlessly since day one. The RME is connected to my PC, my Profiler and my monitors at the same time, and should I need further inputs I can use the Fireface as a mixing desk as well (actually, two synth modules and a mic are always connected).

    Honestly, I can't see what the fuss is about the new USB capability helping to get rid of "all those cables", as I've been reading since KAOS 9: when I need the Kemper elsewhere I just tidily disconnect 6 cables (live wire, USB, SPDIF, Network, exp pedal), tidily hook five of them to the back of my monitor, and pack the KPA into his bag along with the exp pedal and his patch cable and the Remote. In the bag's pockets there already are another power cable, stage network cable and two signal cables (guitar and desk in case there's no stage DI (rehearsals, small stages, parties, jams and the like)). The whole operation takes about two minutes.

    This is IMO the simplest possible setup for the highest possible versatility.
    HTH :)

    From the Main Manual:

    Is there any reason why you don't want to change rig when you need to invert the delays? That would seem to be the best option for your case, since you don't use a remote...

    Only keep in mind that spillover works with the last two fx slots only.


    you can always find a list of applied changes, fixes, and improvements in the Changelog file on the download page.

    PROFILER Operating System 9.0.5 Release for all PROFILER models
    PROFILER Operating System

    Thanks for chiming in, but I am not interested in what's new in the new KAOS ;)
    As you might have noticed, the thread's title is "New RM and old KAOS".

    Most questions here are answered by the community - so you'll get people like me trying to help when what you really want is Kemper only.

    I've been following this forum since a good while, and I am aware of the general way it works. OTOH, there are situations in which a specific user doesn't have specific answers to give.

    In fact, I've for example mentioned Burkhard and I am sure he has got the notification. Whether he wants to respond or not is a different story tho.