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    What I'd like to see:

    • Freedom to place fx slots before and after the Amp module;
    • Quantization on the looper
    • At least double capacity on looping time
    • An octaver to be applied on some strings only (other brands already do this)
    • A synth module
    • Clear specifications about a rig being Studio, DI, Merged, Liquid
    • More filtering options for the rigs, the amps and the cabs (Merged, DI, Studio, Liquid) in Browser mode

    I'd support the idea of changing your audio interface. I've been using my KPA with an RME Fireface via SPDIF, and everything has been working flawlessly since day one. The RME is connected to my PC, my Profiler and my monitors at the same time, and should I need further inputs I can use the Fireface as a mixing desk as well (actually, two synth modules and a mic are always connected).

    Honestly, I can't see what the fuss is about the new USB capability helping to get rid of "all those cables", as I've been reading since KAOS 9: when I need the Kemper elsewhere I just tidily disconnect 6 cables (live wire, USB, SPDIF, Network, exp pedal), tidily hook five of them to the back of my monitor, and pack the KPA into his bag along with the exp pedal and his patch cable and the Remote. In the bag's pockets there already are another power cable, stage network cable and two signal cables (guitar and desk in case there's no stage DI (rehearsals, small stages, parties, jams and the like)). The whole operation takes about two minutes.

    This is IMO the simplest possible setup for the highest possible versatility.
    HTH :)

    From the Main Manual:

    Is there any reason why you don't want to change rig when you need to invert the delays? That would seem to be the best option for your case, since you don't use a remote...

    Only keep in mind that spillover works with the last two fx slots only.


    you can always find a list of applied changes, fixes, and improvements in the Changelog file on the download page.

    PROFILER Operating System 9.0.5 Release for all PROFILER models
    PROFILER Operating System

    Thanks for chiming in, but I am not interested in what's new in the new KAOS ;)
    As you might have noticed, the thread's title is "New RM and old KAOS".

    Most questions here are answered by the community - so you'll get people like me trying to help when what you really want is Kemper only.

    I've been following this forum since a good while, and I am aware of the general way it works. OTOH, there are situations in which a specific user doesn't have specific answers to give.

    In fact, I've for example mentioned Burkhard and I am sure he has got the notification. Whether he wants to respond or not is a different story tho.

    Seems like you answered your own question.

    Please don't take it personally, but you are still missing the point.

    I don't know whether the new RM presents any utility for 8 users. This is my question, and no-one from Kemper has answered it, despite me trying and call them into the thread.

    I seem to reckon you don't work for the Company, so I appreciate your opinions but I'd love to hear from the House.

    I thought your question was answered.

    If its a release version and not beta, I'm not sure why you wouldn't update. Just because USB audio is present doesn't mean you have to use it.

    But no, there's no huge advantage to updating vs. not at this point.

    Provided you are in the know for this specific issue, where in this thread did anyone answer my question before you last comment?

    As for your side question about why not updating to KAOS 9, I don't see any reason for doing it. What would the benefits be? I've carefully read the Addendum manual and saw nothing of interest to me: I don't use USB, I don't profile, I don't need the KPA for listening to music programs.

    Furthermore, I work with the KPA, and my gear is serving my needs perfectly. Statistically speaking, there're few chances that KAOS 9 will perform better than KAOS 8 (unless they have brought some undocumented improvement to the code that betters the overall performance). So why update to an OS that would likely be larger, slower to load (and maybe to operate) and with some unexpected bugs? But again, even if performance was the same I don't see any reason to upgrade.


    Storing a performance should be instant. Please start your Profiler into browse mode while keeping the RIG button pressed until you see "Checking content" in the display. This will force a rebuild of the internal database and potentially will fix your issue.

    After a Rig reset, I still experience latency when RM is connected: when I press the Store button nothing happens for 1"-2", then the Store button starts to blink, then the sync'ing graphic appears on the display, then the operation is over. I'd say 3"-5" overall.

    Timing seems unrelated to the complexity of the editing.

    Everything updated to latest KAOS 8, Lunchbox with Remote and an exp pedal connected, W10

    You won't notice anything different. It will work just fine.

    There is no real reason not to update Rig Manager.

    You could run RM 3.4 with OS 8.7.20, but I see no reason to do that. We have 9.0.5 release.

    Thanks guys, I have no need for USB audio ATM so won't install 9.0. I am investigating whether 3.4 brings any benefit to 8.7 users.

    Hope this clarifies :)

    I see that I can update RM and still use KAOS 8.7.20.

    Would there be any benefit in doing so? Would the new RM be uselessly heavy or slow, so that it's worth updating only when one starts using KAOS 9?
    ATM I have no use for controlling profilation from my computer, using USB or having a different view of the Rig Packs.

    Thanks anyone for sharing their experience

    You can but you still have the issue ofma volume pedal using a log pot when you really want a linear pot for an expression pedal. I learned tthis the hard way; by making up a Y lead and using my Boss EV5. The results were sub-optimal to say the least.

    Tried that. With an audio taper pot, it functions closer to an on/off switch than a variable expression.

    As I think Wheresthedug posted elsewhere start to move the pedal and "nothing....nothing...nothing....TOO MUCH!!"

    How had calibration gone? I mean, what did you guys see.

    Also, I found this on the Wikpa:


    If there’s a Volume pot on the pedal, it is critical. It should be set to maximum range of the pedal. If you turn the pot to the wrong end you might have limited its electrical range very much, have then calibrated the Profiler according to that very limited range, which nearly leaves no resolution between min and max.

    These pots in pedals should always be set to maximum range first. Then the pedal should be calibrated in the Profiler System Settings. If then a limitation of the range is required, the parameter Pedal Range could be used in the Rig Settings. This could even be set differently by Rig.