Kemper spotting - Babymetal

  • A buddy of mine told me about Babymetal and while I still cannot believe that it is real and someone mashed thrash metal and J-pop together, I could not help but notice the double rack setup at 2:22 in this video:

    Even though it looks real, there is a chance that the whole video is photoshopped, size of the audience, makeup of the musicians, the Kempers themselves ;)

  • Lots of drama with that band apparently. They've gone through lineup changes, fan revolts, ect. Used to be a cute gimmicky thing.

    Looks like now they are using older girls, maybe in a effort make it more legit. The musicians have always been solid.

  • No man; they've been around for 9 years; that's why they don't look as young as they did originally. The lead singer was successful for some years even before BabyMetal started, so I'm guessing well before age 10?

    Tibor, the lineup changed when the guitarist Mikio Fujioka died last year, falling from a balcony IIRC. Just this year Yui Mizuno, my favourite gal (sob!), left to pursue a solo career. She actually plays guitar, sings, acts and models IRL.

    I posted a clip of them playing Tonight Live using Kempers some years back, FWIMBW.

    Lastly, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm impressed by a lot of the songs they've put out across 3 albums. As Dave suggested, the musicianship is great - second-to-none really, IMHO. The songwriting, construction and arrangements are nothing to be sneezed at either IMHO. The gals' singing is an acquired taste, especially in the genre, but then it must be borne in mind that they can effectively take credit for creating a new genre - Kawaii Metal.

    Kawaii metal - Wikipedia