NRPN to control delay time

  • Hi, could somebody help me to find the NRPN to control delay time? I like the weird sounds of an analog delay oscillating but I need to control delay time with my midi footswitch... and tap tempo does not work for me. Thank You! :)

  • Hello, I tried morphing but it's not the same effect. Controlling delay time You can hear the repetitions ramping up, that's what I like.

    I downloaded the midi documentation but I cannot find the NRPN controlling the delay time... Can You tell me the parameters please?

    I think it should be possible to do it... I just need to know the values. Thank You!

  • probably a case of lost in translation. I thought you meant the number of repeats with "ramping up".

    If you mean pitch shifting you need to deactivate the "to Tempo" option in the delay edit screen. This will allow the morph to sweep the delaytime gradually resulting in pitch warbling results.

  • Hi,

    to a dress the delay-time with NRPN, you have to send 4 Control-Change-Messages.

    1. CC#99 Value 50 (for Stomp A), Val. 51 (for Stomp B), 52 for C, 53 for D, 56 for X, 58 for MOD, 60 for DELAY, 75 for REV

    2. CC#98 Value 71 for Delay-Time 1 or Value 72 for Delay-Time 2

    3. and 4. is a combination for the value (delay-time)

    so for the smallest Delay-time, send:

    3. CC#06, Val0

    4. CC#38, Val 0

    for the longest delay-time send:

    3. CC#06 val 127

    4. CC#38 val 127

    Which value you have to choose in 1. (cc#99) depends, in which slot your delay-effect is.

    Some delay-types have two delay-times, some only one (so which you choose is set in 2. CC98 val 71 or 72)

    hope this helps.