Erase effects accidentally

  • There are two things you need to know

    1: FX types are hard coded into the OS and can’t be erased no matter what you do. FX types are Wah, Boost, Chorus, Delay etc. You access these with the Type knob.

    2: factory content is all the amps (rigs) and effects PRESETS which come as standard with the KPA to demonstrate what it is capable of. The presets are just example settings for each FX type. They are not FX types themselves. These are selected with the Browse knob. You can create your own PRESETS but you can’t create your own FX TYPES.

    You can also delete PRESETS but you can never delete FX Types. If you have deleted presets the can easily be reinstalled with the restore factory content option in the System menu.

  • Thanks a lot man..I 'll check it..