Something different

  • Blender 2.8 was just released. (FREE program, woohooo!) Been using the beta for months now. I've used Blender since 2016 for animations so not completely new to it. Blender is not a CAD program but some engineering/design understanding is a great help.

    Trees and seaweed were done with the free addon "sapling trees" for Blender. You can't really see the seaweed since YT completely destroyed the quality on those parts, but there's around 1000 separately animated pieces of plants in the underwater scenes.

    For most character animations I used Mixamo. :)

    For the material to get the comic book look I think I used this and modified it for the different objects as I went along:

    Character hair:

    Video was edited and color graded with Hitfilm Express (another great free program). I don't think I used any Adobe programs for this video.

  • Nice work, man.

    I've fooled around with Cinema 4D here and there (nowhere near at your level) so I know how labor intensive a video like that is.

    As for YouTube compression, I pulled Talking Head Games (a comedy web series I did a few years back) off of YouTube and Vimeo and just host it locally on my website using MediaPlayer's css and simple html5 tags. I'm getting significantly better quality because what I rendered is what I get versus it being processed yet again through their own render engines.

    Happy to share code snippets in a DM if it would be of any use to you. Not much to it, really.

  • Thanks Chris! I know how to code websites so no need though. :) Probably won't make a site for this for now, way too much going on with just my day job plus running the label on my spare time.

    Blender made my life hugely easier since there's so many ways of doing stuff procedurally. Like the ocean waves and most landscapes were just a couple button presses to do. The time to get into 3D animation is now. :D

    Blender does 2D too now!