Profile rating system - ASAP - [done]

  • Kemper community...

    I LOVE THE PROFILES....I mean, what a total joy to log on every night and try out new amps from around the globe.

    But the profile count is about to get out of hand. Please note - this is a good thing, not a negative comment.

    We are now approaching 900 profiles and just getting started!!!!! WOW!!!!

    I know this has probably been beat to death - but a profile rating system, scoring, or ranking is no doubt becoming necessary at this point.

    My guess is conservatively after 1 year there could well be over 3,000+ profiles. I mean this is exciting....and scary!

    The time required to test and tweak all of these is daunting.

    A simple rating system would save countless hours in the selection process.

    Hopefully the Kemper brain trust can get this happening sooner rather than later....

    Thanks to all for the amazing profiles!

    Most appreciated from DC.

  • Hello, I agree with the idea , a usefull profile page should let the user sort the profiles on severall keys :

    brand / rating / release date / profiler (user ) / type ( / acoustic /clean / crunch / heavy stuff / pedal / modeler ) / ...

    Also , Severall profiles should be downloable at once ( just click on a check mark for the ones you'd like , then download once )


  • +1, very much needed, I don't bother to check all the new profiles anymore. Takes too much time. Only if someone recommends a profile for certain setup (pickup/music style), I may take a look at it. I'm afraid I'm missing many good profiles because of this.

  • I don't trust rating systems, for two main reasons:

    1) sometimes they are influenced by the level of trustee in a certain member. For example, when i was in the FAS board, i read comments on fabulous presets posted by the veterans of the board. I downloaded them and 6 times out of 10 they were just average. 3/10 completely useless, 1/10 nice sounding. Never found an exciting preset.

    2) they need tweaking. For example how can we rate properly a profile if many of us are used to change the cabs?

    I know that approaching with 1000-1100 profiles is just crazy, that's why i have created the Rig Collection Thread.
    There you find all the Rigs, (updated once a week), classified by Brand and Amp.

    So you can check all the Dual rectifiers profiles (just an example), choose the one you love and select it by creating a Favorite folder in your PC/MAC, and throwing the rest.

  • Agree with you Giacomo, none of my rig is a profiles "as is", they are mostly heavy tweaked and, TBH, I think I can get any profile to sound good to excellent with some advanced tweaking, cab choice and eq

    "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" Serghei Rachmaninoff

  • Your have a good point there! That's why I think we need at least a folder structure on the kemper (and maybe the same on rig exchange)

  • I share the opinion that a generell rating system is difficult and even a little dangerous. Remember, we are not talking anymore about how good a certain modeller or amp software is at reproducing a tone. The KPA nails it pretty good in most cases and just reproduces someone´s taste in tone. Blues players will tend to rate a metal tone too harsh while metal guys will rate moody blues tones too mellow.

    I could imagine a function like you can recommend a rig for a certain style of music with a drop down menu. Like blues, jazz, classic rock, shredding, thrash metal or whatever. Maybe some well known artists too.

  • Rating system won't be perfect, but I'm sure it would be better than nothing. Adding a music style (country/blues/rock/vintage heavy/modern heavy/jazz/punk....) and suggested pickup (single coil / humbucker) would help - in addition to rating, ie country players would probably not rate heavy profiles and vice versa. Another thing helping to choose profiles could be a commenting feature in the library. And maybe "popularity", ie download counter.

  • I concur with the above - a rating system is as useful as how well it pinpoints the target audience of these profiles, and said categories would actually help those less familiar with the profiled amps to navigate the portal adequately when searching for whatever it is they're after, not to mention the ridiculous range of tones certain amps have on a per-channel basis. :)

  • I've been struggling with what the best option would be to he keep things organized. About a month ago I started uploading my rigs to the exchange with the sharing option off and renaming all of them with the tag editor that comes up as you upload there. I used amp brand, model and whatever else could fit. I started alphabetically and got a few amps deep into Fender and gave up, realizing that this would be a never ending battle. (The plan was clear everything from the KPA and reload it all with my renamed rigs)

    At this point I think the best help we could get requires both the sub folder ability on the KPA and the "ability to sort this way on the exchange" (without taking away from us the ability to see the most recently uploaded on the exchange) "and" a librarian editor program.

    A simple rating system would only help too but I wouldn't put ahead of the other two on my wish list. I also see no problem in skewed ranks - take ranking for what its worth and refer to the Exchange part of this forum as a "user notes"area where we could share what we tweaked to make it better, etc.

    "Tone is in the fingers" is not a necessary response to anything that I might type on any internet forum threads. Thank you.

  • hi everybody -

    first of all, let me get something off my chest: it is all your fault! if you wouldn't supply this enormous amount of great profiles, we wouldn't have to discuss this now ;) - so seriously, thank you everybody for sharing your greatest possessions!
    rig exchange will get better, in order to accommodate appropriately what you supply. as for sorting, that's the easier part. rating is what we brew on at the moment (it doesn't make much sense to rate before you play the profile). i'm positive that we'll find a good solution in the foreseeable future. feel free to discuss your take on a rating system in here.
    thanks, gs

  • Rating isn't important to me at all.
    I'll still make up my mind about which profiles I like and dislike.

    Having it all organised on the download page would be great though.
    And the ability to download more than one at once.

    Organised into various categories and easy to find, instead of reading one long list of things.
    That would be great.

  • It's even hard to handle all the rigs on the KAP for me already now. Especially without an editor. So I always think twice before I download something new new and bring it onto the KAP without having a slight idea, whether it's done convincingly or not. So any hint inside the download area would be much appreciated. As comment or however. I don't want to use the time to listen through 900 profiles. I prefer using this time for playing.

  • I agree with Giacomo here, even tho if the majority of people agree on liking a profile, chances are that the average Joe will like it as well :p It also often happens that there's some real pearl no-one likes until someone just uses the right cab, or turns the sag up or down a bit...

    OTOH, when I think of it, a rating system can't hurt anyone, users who don't feel inclined will still be free to just ignore votes. This could be useful on the long run, because any user will quickly realize how they feel represented by the majority, so it will work in both cases ;)

    +1 for the possibility to sort profiles by any tab, and/or through folders; and
    +10 for a folder structure in the KPA.

    I'd also like to be able to set the number of entries per page to my liking: 30 still seems not enough to me, and 50-100 would certainly fit my needs better.