Been rediscovering Profiles I once wrote off..

  • Lately I have been going back to some profiles (I won't name them because some are paid) that I first wrote off as bad because I was still quite green with the unit at that time and was looking for instant gratification.

    Some are blowing me away with some tweaks here and there. The definition knob is one hell of a tweak for many but even the sag and clarity knobs can make a profile bloom..

    My advice to all who are still new to the Kemper is find some profiles and start turning knobs to see how much they help profiles come alive. Speaker swapping alone via IR's, other profile speakers IR's and even real cabs make a huge difference as well.

    The reality is there is some duds but there is still some gems with the right edit.

    Happy New Year's to all.

  • Yeah, same experience here. Coming back to some profiles which I did not fully understand in their beauty in my early times with the Kemper. Sometimes it takes a while to find the sweet spot of it but it is worth having a second look as you say BB2019.

    The two things that always help me so much more to discover the true beauty of a profile is

    • avoid bedroom volume but rather keep listening to it at gig or rehearsal volume and
    • listening to it in a mix with a full band (either live or in recordings)
  • Another "trick" is to let someone else fiddle around with it during soundcheck

    in my studio ( when I record other bands / artists ) and se / hear what they

    come up with. New ears and approach can find interesting sounds :)

    But do a backup first ...... =O

    Cheers !