Looper Videos?

  • Hi,

    I am still weighing up getting a remote - mainly for the looper function.

    Are there any detailed videos on the remote on youtube? I have seen the 'official' ones and done a lot of searching but not much luck!



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  • the looper functionality on the remote is so simple to use there isn’t really much need for detailed videos.

    however, in my opinion the looper functionality is one of the least impressive reasons to buy a remote. The totally seamless way it integrates bidirectionally with the KPA without any midi programming while giving access to 4 pedal inputs without the need to run cables from the KPA to front of stage are so impressive that the looper stuff is just a nice little bonus.

    i should probably say that I have an FCB1010 (which I tried with and without the UNO4Kemper chip) and an RJM Mastermind PBC10. They both work well but when I finally got the Remote I finally understood what everyone way talking about. I haven’t plugged in either of the orther boards since I got the remote.