Using The Remote To Change Inputs

  • I run my guitar output to the front panel input, and use the return loop for my outboard effects. I can switch between the Return and the Front inputs by using the Input Selection button. While the guitar is still plugged into the Front input, the signal gets sent to the Effects Send, through my effects, and back to the Return to be processed by the Kemper signal path. I want to switch between the Input sources with the remote. When the Front Input is connected to the guitar, and the effects Send and Return loop is completed, they are all plugged in at the same time. The change in signal path is made with the Input Selection. That is what I want to control via remote foot controller.

  • that’s exactly how I run my PRS P22 and Parker Fly. Magnetic Pickups nto the front and Piezo to the Loop Return.I can switch between either input.

    you can also combine them as required by using parallel path. In this case the Piezo and one Effect in Stomp B can go straight to the output while the electric guitar signal goes through stomps C and D, the Stack block and the post stack Effects. It would be even better though I you could either use more Stomps on the parallel path and/or combine the signals again after the stack so that the Piezo can benefit from reverb etc while still getting a Compressor and EQ.